Snowmobiling on the Confederation Trail

The Confederation Trail stretches 435 kilometres and goes from one end of the Island to the other. Tracing the route of what once was the Prince Edward Island railway, the Confederation Trail is ideal for hiking or cycling.

The trail is managed as a linear park by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. The Properties Section of the Department of Transportation handles all matters pertaining to the use of the trail other than public use as a biking or hiking trail.

Can I use the trail for snowmobiling?

You can as long as you buy a permit from the PEI Snowmobile Association who lease the trail from December 1 to March 31 each season, contingent upon adequate snowfall.

Can I use the trail to access my property by motor vehicle?

No, you must contact the Properties Section to obtain the required permission to use the Confederation Trail, either for access along the trail, or to establish a crossing of the trail for any purpose. If you are a farmer and want to cross the trail with farm implements, you do not need permission to use your existing farm crossing, but you do require permission to establish new farm crossings.

How wide is the Confederation Trail?

In most areas, the trail is 66 feet wide but in some areas it is as wide as 100 feet.

Can I ride the trail with my all terrain vehicle (ATV)?

No, ATV vehicles with their aggressive tire tread design cause damage to the trail’s surface and are therefore not permitted on the Confederation Trail.


Dawn MacDougall


Published date: 
March 30, 2023
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