Antique Auto License Plate

Antique vehicles require a special license plate issued through the Prince Edward Island Antique Auto Club. An antique vehicle is any vehicle which is at least 30 years old or a classic recognized by the Classic Car Club of America. The owner must be a registered member of the Prince Edward Island Antique Auto Club and have more than one vehicle registered in his or her name.

Antique vehicles must be insured and, although exempt from periodic (annual) inspections under the PEI Highway Traffic Act, must be certified by an inspector for authenticity, running order and safety.

You cannot use you antique car as a private passenger vehicle or for commercial purposes.

The design of the PEI antique auto license plate is explained in the June 5, 2017 news story “Antique car plates commemorate Canada’s first automobile”

Published date: 
November 30, 2017
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