Commercial Vehicle Registration and Safety Requirements

Are you registering a Commercial Vehicle? 

Below is a checklist to ensure that individuals registering a commercial vehicle come to Access PEI locations with the required documentation and information.

Required Documents:


  • Proof of Insurance
  • Old Registration
  • For vehicles that have been modified or upgraded to a higher weight rating:

Motor Vehicle Inspection for modified vehicles must be dated after the modifications have been carried out. The modifications must be approved by the Highway Safety Division. For more details, view the Vehicle Weights and Dimensions Regulations (Part 1 and Schedule 5) (1.4 Mb).

Purchased (New or Used):

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Proof of Motor Vehicle Inspection
  • Completed and signed registration
  • Bill of Sale is acceptable if the selling price is not included on the signed registration.

For vehicles purchased in the United States: please visit Canada Border Services Agency to ensure you have all the necessary applicable paperwork. 

Required Information for all Commercial Vehicles:

  • Front axle rating
  • Number of axles
  • Number of tires and the size of the tires
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)
  • Weight you wish to register based on vehicle usage

View and print the Commercial Vehicle Registration Checklist

The Government of Prince Edward Island is committed to protecting travellers and encouraging economic growth through a safe and sustainable transportation system.

In order to preserve provincial highways while ensuring the safety of all motorists who travel on them, the Government of Prince Edward Island had a commercial vehicle registration program that ensures vehicles are well-maintained, that vehicle weight limits are respected, and that commercial trucking is carried out with public safety as a top priority. 

Owners and operators of commercial vehicles each share a responsibility to make sure highway safety regulations are followed and that vehicles are operated within their design limits.

View the commercial vehicle inspection standards

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What you need to know about Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR)

  • Manufacturer’s rating must be adhered to or owners could experience a premature failure of axle components or vehicle frames could break.
  • Exceeding the manufacturers rating can lead to premature failure of breaks and the vehicle may not stop safely.
  • Overweight vehicles increase premature damage to asphalt road surfaces, particularly during the Spring season.

What you need to know about Front Axle Ratings

Complying with the front axle rating is extremely important for the safety of road users.  Premature failure of axle components make a vehicle difficult to steer and, in some situations, wheels could fall off the vehicle. 



Published date: 
September 19, 2016
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