Driver's Education Program Standards Testing

Students who have successfully completed the Driver Education Program may be required to complete a road test evaluation by Highway Safety.  Names of the drivers will be randomly selected from each driving school with appointments scheduled at no cost. Typically drivers are tested by their instructor at the completion of the Driver Education program.

Why is Highway Safety testing certain drivers?

The purpose of the evaluation is to ensure that students have received the required instruction as outlined in the Driver Education Program and to monitor the testing standards approved by Highway Safety.

What if I am selected for this driving test?

You will be required to complete the evaluation to obtain or maintain a valid driver's licence. When you are being tested you must present your driver's licence or instruction permit and you must provide a vehicle in good working order with valid registration, inspection, and insurance, i.e. a family vehicle or the Driver’s Education car with all Driver Education signs removed.

Where will the driving test be offered?

A Highway Safety officer will conduct the road test evaluation at one of five locations nearest to where the Driver Education Program was held (Charlottetown, Summerside, Alberton, Montague, Souris).

The road test will not be conducted until you have:

  • held the instruction permit for a minimum of 275 days; and
  • completed 25 hours of classroom time, 10 hours of behind- the- wheel driving time (not including the road test), and six hours of observation.

What happens after the driving test?

You will be given the results and a copy of the road test immediately following your evaluation. If you require additional testing, it will be your responsibility to negotiate arrangements with your driving school for further training. 

Driver Education schools should communicate this policy to all students at time of enrollment in the program.

Upon successful completion of the road test and before your instruction permit expires, you must appear in person at an Access PEI office with the endorsement for a change of license class signed by your Driver Education instructor or the Highway Safety officer.

A photo driver's license valid for three years will be issued, along with a "G" decal to be placed inside the windshield above the motor vehicle inspection sticker.

If you do not complete the Driver Education course, you will be required to make necessary arrangements through Highway Safety for a road test and pay the required fee.

The Driver Education schools will issue a certificate to all students successfully completing the course.

Please remember, your Instruction Driver's Permit must be in your personal possession at all times when operating a motor vehicle.







Published date: 
March 2, 2016
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