Farm Truck Registration

Bona fide farmers may register farm trucks with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 4,500 kgs or more in a separate class at a reduced rate. A farm vehicle must be used exclusively for farm-related purposes such as transporting:

  • the farmer, family members and others without fee or charge of any kind;
  • farm tools, machinery, equipment and materials used in agricultural production; and
  • animals and animal products, poultry and poultry products, plants and plant products, or products of the forest as are grown or produced in the truck owner's farm.

What do I need to register a farm truck?

If you have never been identified or approved by PEI Highway Safety Division as a bona fide farmer under the Farm Truck Registration Regulations  you must:

  1. Confirm bona fide farmer status by:
    • providing to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles an Income Tax  Return from the previous year confirming at least 25% of your gross income is derived from farming, and
    • signing the Vehicle Identification Form at any Access PEI location confirming  you are a bona fide farmer; and
  2. Verify the Gross Vehicle Rating (GVWR) of the truck you are registering is at least 4,500 kgs by providing:
    • tire load rating, and
    • line specification sheet, completed by a dealer who sells that type of vehicle and using that dealer`s letterhead. 


Legislation: For more information, refer to the Highway Traffic Act  Farm Truck Registration Regulations.


Published date: 
July 27, 2020
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