Fifteen (15) Passenger Vans

Safety Guidelines for the Use of 15 Passenger Vans

A 15-Passenger Van is defined as a Bus and a Commercial Vehicle under the Highway Traffic Act [718 kb] .

According to legislation, "bus" means any motor vehicle designed for carrying more than ten passengers, including the  driver, and used for the transportation of persons, and any motor vehicle, other than a taxicab, designed and used for the transportation of persons for compensation [(a.2)];

"Commercial vehicle" means a commercial vehicle as defined in clause 1(b.2) that has a gross mass exceeding 4,500 kg and includes a bus that has a seating capacity of more than ten passengers [142.(b)] ;

You must have a valid Class 4 driver's licence to drive a 15-passenger van under Driver License Regulations. A Class 4 - authorizes a person to drive:

(i) any motor vehicle which the holder of a Class 5, 8 and 9 may operate

(ii) any ambulance

(iii) any taxi

(iv) any bus with a capacity of fewer than 25 passengers

If you wish to apply for a Class 4 driver's licence, the following rules apply:

  • You must pass an air brake written exam and practical test if any Class 4 vehicle operated is equipped with air brakes.
  • You must pass the pre-check inspection knowledge test and road test in a full size passenger van (15 passenger van or larger) before a Class 4 driver's license will be issued.

View the Driver's License Requirements [523 Kb] for requirements for a Class 4 driver's license 

  • You must submit a medical certificate for approval that shows you meet the medical and vision standards to operate a vehicle that requires a Class 4 driver's license.
  • Regardless of your age, you cannot be in the Graduated Driver License Program.

Medical Fitness to Drive

Once you have received a Class 4 driver's license, you must submit an approved medical to operate a Class 4 driver's license once every five years up to age 45, every 3 years up to age 65 and annually after age 65.

Learn more about Medical Fitness to Drive

Learn more about Pre-Trip Inspection Regulations and Hours of Service Regulations

Periodic Inspection of Vehicles

All vehicles defined as a "bus" under the Highway Traffic Act are required to be inspected once every six months under PEI's Motor Vehicle Inspection Regulations.

Published date: 
June 9, 2015