Gas Tax - Municipal Strategic Component

The Municipal Strategic Component (MSC) of the Gas Tax program was developed to assist municipalities with funding projects that are of particular significance to the overall benefit of Municipal and Provincial Government.

The fund has increased from $10.31M to $11.38M due to the one-time top-up received from Infrastructure Canada in 2019 and is to be expended over the next five years (2019-2024). The funding is accessed by municipalities through a merit-based application system. To receive funding, the applicant must provide convincing arguments that the project being submitted will provide, as the title suggests, significant benefits to the municipality, and/or the region, and/or the province in general.

While other categories are also eligible under the fund, the MSC will put a priority on applications under the categories of Wastewater, Drinking Water, and Capacity Building (projects investing in growth management and/or land-use planning).

Funding for Official Plans and Land Use Bylaws

The Municipal Strategic Component will fund up to 90% of eligible costs for Official Plans and Land Use Bylaws for municipalities who do not have an Official Plan or Land Use Bylaw in place. If you would like to apply, contact the Infrastructure Secretariat at 902-620-3631.




Published date: 
January 22, 2020
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