Highway Maintenance

The Highway Maintenance Division provides year round maintenance services to the province’s highways as well as summer maintenance to the Confederation Trail.  Winter operations run from November to May and summer operations run from June to October.  Annual winter operations across the province's highways involve salting, sanding and snow removal. Work can also include temporary patching of paved roads, water drainage and washout repairs.

If you would like to report a problem, contact the office in your region:

 Prince County phone: (902) 888-8275

Queens County phone: (902) 368-4770

Kings County phone: (902) 652-8960

During winter storms or adverse weather conditions, staff members answering calls at a Dispatch Office can be very busy.  In the event you are connected to the Dispatch Office's voice message centre, please leave a clear, detailed message including the name of your community, the road about which you are calling, as well as a phone number where you can be reached.

Liquid Asphalt Cement

The Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy is in regular contact with the Asphalt Cement Suppliers in the Maritimes to determine a monthly Provincial Maritime Rack (Posted) Price FOB Supplier’s Plant. From prices supplied to the Department (may not always include prices from all four suppliers), the Department creates an average Monthly Rack (Posted) price.

Monthly Average Asphalt Binder Rack Price

Monthly Fuel Index Adjustments

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Published date: 
June 6, 2016
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General Inquiries

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Phone: (902) 368-5100
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Highway Safety/Access PEI Inquiries: accesspeicharlottetown@gov.pe.ca

Road-Related Inquiries: roads@gov.pe.ca

All other TIE inquiries: 

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