Leave the Phone Alone While Driving

Drivers can use hands-free technology or they can pull over and stop the vehicle to use their devices.

It is illegal to text, dial, chat, email or search using a hand-held communication device while driving on Prince Edward Island. This includes the use of the following devices:

  • Cell phones
  • 10-4 phones
  • GPS systems
  • Laptops

Fines and Consequences

Drivers who use a hand-held communication device while driving could face fines ranging from $575 to $1275 and 5 demerit points upon conviction. 

Drivers can use hands-free technology activated by a single touch to a button, or when it is safe to do so, drivers can pull over and stop the vehicle to talk or email.. 

New drivers are reminded of the Graduated Driver Licensing Program, where no person who is in the Graduated Program, shall use a hand-held cellular telephone, headphones, MP3 player, portable video games or any other hand-held electronic device while operating or having care and control of a motor vehicle.

Any Graduated Driver convicted of using a handheld communication device will have their driver license suspended 30 days for a first offence and 90 days for any subsequent offence.


Calls to 911 are exempt as are calls from the driver of an ambulance, fire department vehicle or police vehicle.


Total convictions for distracted driving using hand-held communications devices:

  • 2015 - 327 convictions
  • 2014 - 308 convictions
  • 2013 - 215 convictions
  • 2012 - 258 convictions
  • 2011 - 150 convictions
  • 2010 - 80 convictions

What does hands-free mean?

Hands-free means you can add a tool to your cellular, BlackBerry or other communication device to allow you to use it with one touch. You can also use the speaker option on your device. You will have to dial the number using verbal or one touch commands.

What about 2-way radios?

The law does not apply to any communication device that is linked to a non-public short wave radio communication system, e.g. a CB radio.

Can I use a hand-held phone when I am stationary in traffic?

No, driving includes time when stopped in traffic lights or during other hold-ups.

Published date: 
August 13, 2015
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