Network of Excellence

The Network of Excellence logo is provided to participating to contractors to promote their energy efficiency services.
As of April, 2019 selecting a Network of Excellence contractor will be a mandatory part of all efficiencyPEI rebate programs.

What is the Network of Excellence?

efficiencyPEI has recently expanded a number of its programs in an attempt to better serve clients as they move toward improving the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes. The Network of Excellence is a group of local contractors who will deliver programs and help ensure that efficiencyPEI clients receive high quality, consistent and reliable service.

What are the benefits of joining? 

Since its inception, efficiencyPEI has delivered programs to more than 10,000 households across the province. The Network of Excellence allows us to provide clients with a list of contractors who they can be sure meet Provincial regulations and standards, and have agreed to follow a code of conduct established by efficiencyPEI

As of April, 2019 selecting a Network of Excellence contractor will be a mandatory part of all efficiencyPEI rebate programs. In addition to the promotional opportunities provided through the rebate programs, efficiencyPEI will provide the contractors:

  • Ongoing workshops
  • Continuing education
  • Consistent updates on changes to rebate programs
  • Trade specific training
  • Marketing opportunities
  • A business listing on

How can I sign up? 

In order to join the Network of Excellence, a contractor must: 

  • Review and sign the Participation Agreement with efficiencyPEI
  • Provide copies of required Provincial licenses and registrations (as required for each trade);
  • Provide proof of Insurance and Workers Compensation Coverage (as outlined in the Participation Agreement);
  • Include two (2) business reference letters;
  • Attend an in-person meeting with efficiencyPEI

If you are a contractor and wish to be a part of this network please contact efficiencyPEI at 1-877-734-6336 or to receive a copy of the Participation Agreement. 

Participating Contractors

Contractors listed below have signed the Network of Excellence participation agreement and met the requirements outlined above. These contractors will have up to date information on efficiencyPEI programs and services, and be participating in ongoing trade-specific training. If you don't see a contractor for your required service, check back often as new contractors join the Network of Excellence. 

  • Ace Heat Pumps - Heat Pumps. Stratford, PE. 1-902-466-4328.
  • Atlantic Heating and Cooling Solutions Ltd. - Heat Pumps. Charlottetown, PE. 1-888-810-4328. 
  • Coastal Refrigeration Inc. - Heat Pumps. North Wiltshire, PE. 1-902-940-7767.
  • Control Air Systems Inc. - Heat Pumps, HVAC Solutions. Charlottetown, PE. 1-902-629-0044.
  • Doc Dawson Ent. - Heat Pumps. Ellerslie, PE. 1-902-954-1976
  • East Coast Heat Pumps - Heat Pumps. Johnstons River, PE. 902-314-8262.
  • Gillis Heating Inc. - Heat Pumps, HVAC Solutions, Plumbing. Miscouche, PE. 1-902-888-2556.
  • Greenfoot Energy Solutions - Heat Pumps, Insulation, Ventilation. Charlottetown, PE. 1-844-213-2471.
  • Homeworks Inc. - Heat Pumps, Insulation, Windows & Doors, Oil Boilers & Furnaces. West Covehead, PE. 1-902-940-1330
  • Jamieson Electric & Refrigeration Ltd. - Heat Pumps, HVAC Solutions, Electrical Services. Dunstaffnage, PE. 902-658-9896. 
  • Kenmac - Boiler Upgrades, Furnace Cleanings. Charlottetown, PE. 902-566-2295. 
  • Laird Electric Ltd. - Heat Pumps. North Winsloe, PE. 902-940-0407.
  • M.B. Eye Electrical - Heat Pumps, Electrical Services. Charlottetown, PE. 902-892-8839.
  • Mr. Plumber - Heat Pumps, Geothermal Heating Systems, Equipment Upgrades, Furnace Cleanings. Charlottetown, PE. 902-894-8836. 
  • PEI Home Comfort - Heat Pumps, HVAC, Refrigeration. Orwell, PE. 902-651-2825.
  • Ramsay's Appliance Repair - Heat Pumps, Appliance Repair. Alberton, PE. 902-853-2017.
  • RDMD Inc. - Heat Pumps, HVAC, Refrigeration. Morell, PE. 1-800-463-8860
  • Refrigeration Specialists - Heat Pumps. Vernon River, PE. 902-651-2615.
  • Spencer Plumbing and Heating Ltd. - Heat Pumps. Mill River, PE. 902-856-0092.
  • SunAir Energy Solutions - Heat Pumps. Charlottetown, PE. 1-844-787-6527
  • T&J Construction Ltd. - General Contractor. Charlottetown, PE. 902-626-5203.
  • Tradewinds Eco-Energy Solutions - Heat Pumps, Electrical Services. Summerside, PE. 902-439-6280.
  • Vardy's Contracting Services - Heat Pumps, Oil Heating Systems, Insulation, Windows/Doors. Tyne Valley, PE. 902-439-5029.


Published date: 
July 13, 2017
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