Provincial Assets Disposals

The Provincial Properties Section disposes of surplus land and buildings including:

  • Abandoned road beds
  • Properties seized for nonpayment of taxes
  • Houses or buildings acquired when buying land

Can I buy a piece of land from the Provincial Government to build a house on?

No, the Provincial Government, as a rule, does not subdivide residential lots from its holdings.

Can I buy a piece of land from the Provincial Government to put my business on?

This is generally not an option, however, the Minister of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy and Executive Council have discretionary powers and your request may be considered if your proposal:

  • Is a significant benefit to the public
  • Creates jobs
  • Stimulates economic growth, or
  • Will provide a service

How does the Provincial Asset Disposal process work?

The land assets that are being disposed of would be offered for sale by “Public Tender”, as per the Provincial Policy on Disposal of Surplus Lands, and the building assets would be offered to the public by “Request for Proposals.”

You must meet all the requirements you would have to meet if you were buying from a private individual.

If you are successful in purchasing the asset, it would be your responsibility to ensure the property is free of encumbrances as the Provincial Government does not certify title to the properties it sells. This would generally be handled by the purchaser’s attorney.

Can my non-profit community group buy a piece of land for a dollar for community development projects?

These requests are reviewed on an individual basis. If you are granted a property, expect that it will come with the condition that if you no longer want the land or your project discontinues, the land will revert back to the Provincial Government for one dollar.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information or further questions, contact Carol Craswell at

Published date: 
May 10, 2015
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