Saving you money while helping the environment

The Climate Change Action Plan is focused on helping Islanders reduce carbon emissions while saving money at the same time.

Government is offering incentives to help residents and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions while returning all revenue from the carbon levy on gas and diesel directly back to Islanders through:

The province negotiated an exemption from the federal government on heating oil under carbon pricing.

Removing the provincial portion of the HST on heating oil is saving Islanders $83 million a year. The rebate of the provincial portion of the HST on electricity, propane and wood-based fuels will save Islanders $10 million a year.

Through efficiencyPEI’s incentive programs to reduce energy, Island residents and businesses have saved more than $10 million on their energy bills.

Taken together, these and other initiatives will save Islanders more than $100 million annually over the next five years, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions to meet our target.

Our climate target

Prince Edward Island has joined with the federal government to achieve the national emissions target under the Paris Agreement. That target is 30 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.  We are meeting these targets by reducing our energy consumption because Islanders are already turning to more environmentally friendly forms of energy. 

The province has committed $24 million over the next four years to the low carbon economy fund. Combined with federal contributions, government is supporting Islanders with $48 million to improve the efficiency of their homes and developing ways to reduce emissions on farms and sequestering carbon through reforestation.   

Leaders in the environment

Prince Edward Island has the second-lowest per capita emissions in Canada.

The provincial target requires annual emissions to decrease to 1.4 million tonnes by 2030. Because of the efforts of Islanders, Prince Edward Island is already one-third of the way to meeting that goal.

  • Islanders are turning to other sources to heat their homes. Prince Edward Island has reduced the use of heating oil by 40 per cent, from 200 million litres in 2003 to less than 120 million litres in 2017.  
  • The use of heat pumps has increased by 300 per cent in one year. 

How you can help

Energy-conscious Islanders have reduced CO2 emissions by 33,000 tonnes through the energy efficiency programs alone. 

Efficiency PEI offers advice and incentives on reducing energy consumption in homes and businesses. This includes financial assistance for energy audits, home heating and insulation upgrades, along with additional assistance for low-income Islanders. 

Learn more about the Government of Prince Edward Island's energy efficiency rebates - and how you can do your part to help the environment at

Published date: 
December 27, 2018
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