U-Pick Farm Guidelines

U-Pick operations are permitted to open safely.

Core measures for all businesses, services and organizations

  • Develop and follow an operational plan  detailing methods to mitigate transmission of disease.
  • Take every reasonable step to ensure physical distancing (including employees and/or clients) of two metres (six feet) between each other.
  • Develop and follow an exclusion policy to prevent employees who are required to self-isolate from entering the workplace.
  • Develop and follow an exclusion policy that ensures symptomatic employees are immediately excluded from work activities.
  • Ensure enhanced cleaning and disinfection of shared areas and surfaces.
  • Ensure hand washing stations or hand sanitizing products are available and accessible to all employees.
  • Follow any other direction issued by the Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO)

Core measures for U-Pick farms

For U-Pick owners and managers

Assess the site before opening for the season to ensure that a minimum distance of six feet will be able to be maintained between customers and employees at all times. 

If needed to maintain distance:

  • implement a pre-arrival registration process for customers before opening for the season. 
  • implement a change of hours for operation.
  • set up site “zones” to limit the number of customers in the same location at one time. 

U-Pick managers/owners should:

  • Communicate u-pick policies to the public through social media and/or other channels.
  • Post clear signage for customers outlining the u-pick policies at the site’s entry point and various points throughout the site. 
  • Limit the number of customers to the site so that a minimum six-foot distance between customers and employees can be maintained at all times.
  • Follow CPHO directives for outdoor gatherings.
  • Provide and maintain a hand washing station or hand sanitizing products at the entry/exit point of the site.
  • Monitor customers and employees to ensure that the six feet physical distancing protocol is maintained at all times, and ask customers to leave if they refuse to follow the protocol.
  • Ensure that no sampling of products occurs. 
  • Ensure that any and all items re-used by customers are washed/sterilized after each use (including, but not limited to bins, buckets, etc.)

For U-Pick employees

•    Review the U-Pick farm’s policy with all employees
•    Remind all employees that they must follow the CPHO’s guidelines 
•    Require employees to wash and/or sterilize their hands after each transaction
•    Wash/sterilize all frequently touched surfaces

Important information

Managers must include the following text in signage and other communication:

  • All customers must wash and/or disinfect their hands upon site entry and exit
  • Customers must maintain a minimum distance of six-feet between themselves and employees and other customers at all times
  • Customers who are not feeling well should not come to the farm
  • Customers who are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave the farm
  • Customers are not allowed to sample products
  • Hours of operation for the site are [insert hours of operation]
  • (If applicable) Customers must contact [insert contact information] before coming to the site to schedule a time to pick/harvest products
  • (If applicable) Customers must only pick from the zone they have been assigned to
  • Customers who refuse to follow this policy will not be allowed to enter the site or will be asked to leave the site

Additional text can be added depending on the needs or preferences of the site manager/owner however, at minimum, the above text must be included, with only slight edits if needed.

Published date: 
December 7, 2020
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