Maternity/Parental/Adoption Leave

You are eligible to apply for leave of absence from work to care for your newborn or newly adopted child as long as you have worked with the current employer for any 20 weeks in the previous 52 weeks of your leave.  

How much notice do I need to provide to my employer?

You must give your employer at least four weeks written notice of both the date you intend to go on leave and the date on which you intend to return to work. 

How much leave am I eligible to take?

Total combined maternity and parental leave for a mother cannot exceed 78 weeks and must be taken consecutively, unless the employer and the employee otherwise agree. Parental leave for a father cannot exceed 62 weeks.

  • Maternity Leave: A pregnant employee who has worked any 20 weeks with the employer is eligible for up to 17 weeks unpaid leave of absence which can start as early as 13 weeks prior to the expected date of delivery.
  • Parental Leave: An employee who has worked any 20 weeks with the employer is eligible for up to 62 weeks unpaid leave to care for a newborn.
  • Adoption Leave: An employee who has worked any 20 weeks with the employer is eligible for up to 62 weeks leave to care for an adopted child. Combined adoption leave for both parents cannot exceed 62 weeks and must be taken within 12 months of a child’s arrival in the home.

Is it possible to extend my leave?

You can extend your leave an additional five consecutive weeks if your child has a physical, psychological or emotional condition that requires additional parental care. This additional leave must begin immediately following the end of the maternity, parental or adoption leave.

Will my leave of absence affect my employment status?

You must be accepted back into the same position or a comparable position with no loss of seniority or benefits.

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This information is meant to serve as a guide only. You are advised to consult the Employment Standards Act to view the legislation. Where difference exists between this information and the legislation, the Act will be considered correct.
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June 6, 2024
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