Pay and Pay Statements


In general, an employee subject to the act must receive at least the minimum rate of hourly pay or equivalent. Contact the Branch at or telephone (902) 368-5550 for details on the current minimum wage rate. An employee must be paid either in lawful currency of Canada, by a cheque drawn upon a financial institution and honoured by that institution or by direct deposit into an account of the employee in a financial institution. 
An employer must give notice to an employee of any reduction in the employee’s regular rate of pay at least one pay period before the start of the pay period in which the reduction is to take place.  
The Employment Standards Branch might not accept a complaint about unpaid pay if the employee has sued the employer in court or if the employer has taken a court action against the employee for theft or unpaid monies. Any action by the Branch may be delayed until after final disposition by the court.

Pay Statements

Every employer must furnish to every employee, at the time wages are being paid, a statement in writing, showing the following:
1. name and address of the employer and name of the employee;
2. the period of time or the work for which the employee is being paid;
3. the rate of wages to which the employee is entitled and the number of hours worked;
4. the gross amount of wages to which an employee is entitled;
5. the gross amount of any vacation pay being paid to the employee;
6. the gross amount of any pay in lieu of notice of termination being paid to the employee;
7. the amount and purpose of each deduction;
8. any bonus, gratuity, living allowance or other payment to which the employee is entitled; and
9. the net amount of money being paid to the employee.

Electronic Pay Statements 

An employer may provide a pay statement to an employee electronically if the employer provides to the employee, through the employee’s place of employment:
1. confidential access to the electronic pay statement; and
2. a means of making a paper copy of the electronic pay statement.


Who can I contact for more information about paid holidays?

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This information is meant to serve as a guide only.  The reader is strongly advised to consult the Employment Standards Act to view the legislation.  Where any difference exists between this information and the Act, the Act will be considered correct.
Published date: 
April 6, 2023
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