Added beds will further improve access to long-term care

Private nursing homes across Prince Edward Island will get up to 100 new beds over the next year that will further improve Islanders’ access to long-term care.

The provincial government is requesting proposals until July 25 (available at www.princeedwardisland.ca/tenders) for the first 50 beds to be ready for occupancy by October and the remaining beds to be available by next June. The addition of new long-term care beds was outlined in government’s 2018-19 budget address as part of an overall commitment to improve access to care for seniors and their families.

“Our seniors population is growing, so we need to ensure we have adequate services and supports in place to care for our elders,” said Health and Wellness Minister Robert Mitchell.

“Private nursing homes play an important role in providing care to Island seniors; this request for proposals is an opportunity to work more closely with capable providers to make high-quality long-term care more available for Islanders now and well into the future.”

Long-term care in Prince Edward Island is provided in nine public manors and nine private nursing homes.

Over the past decade, 145 new long-term care beds have been added across the province, increasing the overall number of beds from 996 to the current 1,141. During that same time, the overall provincial budget allocation for public manors and private nursing home grants has increased by 81.7 percent, from $53 million to $96.3 million this year.

“Prince Edward Island has a great foundation of supports that benefits seniors; however, there is important work that needs to be done to meet the needs of older Islanders and to sustain their health and wellness,” added Minister Mitchell. “The way forward begins with understanding where we are and determining where we need to be. The action plan for seniors released in May further supports our commitment to increasing access to long-term care while building upon our existing strengths and partnerships to make our health and wellness system better and more sustainable for Island seniors today and tomorrow.”

"Promoting Wellness, Preserving Health" - the province’s first-ever action plan for seniors, near seniors, and caregivers - includes the perspectives of more than 250 Islanders and is available at www.princeedwardisland.ca/seniors-health.

For more information about long-term care services, visit www.healthpei.ca/longtermcare.

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