Chief Coroner’s Office completes autopsy into accidental overdose

The Chief Coroner’s Office has completed their examination into the sudden death on February 26, 2021. 

The evidence previously collected suggested the accidental overdose was related to the consumption of a cannabis product laced with other illicit drugs. However autopsy results demonstrated that these drugs were not present in the person’s body. The Chief Coroner’s Office has therefore concluded that this is not an opioid related death.

When illicit drugs, such as fentanyl, methamphetamine and other opiate or deadly drugs, are confirmed to be present in Island communities, the Chief Public Health Office and law enforcement partners will notify Islanders of its presence out of an abundance of caution. 

Anyone using illicit drugs or who knows of others using are encouraged to carry a naloxone kit. Any Islander can get a free naloxone kit from the provincial needle exchange program or by calling 1-877-637-0333

Islanders are also encouraged to call 911 if they suspect an overdose, even if naloxone has been administered and appears to be working.

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