Children’s book on Island archaeology wins national award

Erin Mundy, Dr. Helen Kristmanson, Roberta MacLean, Premier Wade MacLauchlan

An activity booklet inviting children to discover Prince Edward Island archaeology has won a national award.

The Canadian Archaeological Association named the provincial government’s Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat the recipient of its 2018 Public Communications Award for producing the book Archaeology in Action / L’archéologie en action. It engages children and youth in the science of archaeology and in archaeological sites across the Island. 

“The Canadian Archaeological Association’s Public Communications Awards Committee identified Archaeology in Action as a clearly written, engaging, and immediately accessible publication for young children that highlights the public communications mandate of the CAA,” said Jennifer Campbell, vice president of the Canadian Archaeology Association.

This publication offers readers of all ages a chance to explore the world of archaeology, taking the reader through three case studies in Prince Edward Island. The book was edited by provincial archaeologist Dr. Helen Kristmanson and authored by staff archaeologist Erin Mundy, summer student Rebecca Blakeney, and illustrated by local artist Liam McKenna. Technomedia helped pull it all together into a fun activity booklet that anyone of any age can do.

"Last year, with the right combination of experience and talent in our office we were able to create an interactive and educational product that provides a window into the practice of archaeology and encourages a sense of cultural pride and stewardship.  Thanks to the entire team for all your hard work," said Helen Kristmanson, director of Aboriginal Affairs and Archaeology.  

“Congratulations to Helen and her team – your passion and dedication to our province’s archaeology is evident on every page of this booklet,” said Premier Wade MacLauchlan, minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs and Archaeological Services. “I am very pleased that the Canadian Archaeological Association has recognized the outstanding work this publication brings to Island children’s education of archaeological investigations happening across our province.” 

For more information, please contact the Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat at or 902-368-6895.

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The Canadian Archaeological Association recognizes the importance of public journalism, institutions, and social media in disseminating and promoting Canadian archaeology. 

Since 1985, the Canadian Archaeological Association (CAA) has presented annual awards to acknowledge outstanding contributions in communication that further insight and appreciation of Canadian Archaeology. These awards recognize contributions by journalists, film producers, professional archaeologists and institutions and are adjudicated by a committee composed of a regional representation of CAA members. 

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