Develop West Prince looking to shift mindset of housing solutions

Develop West Prince Inc. executive director Jordan MacDonald is seen here with Tracy Pineau

Access to housing isn’t something that is exclusive to urban areas of Prince Edward Island.

Develop West Prince Inc. executive director Jordan MacDonald said that while lack of housing may be more visible in larger areas of the province, it is very much present in smaller communities such as those in West Prince.

Thanks to the Community Housing Fund, Develop West Prince Inc. is looking at ways to deal with specific housing needs of the area.

To help address lack of housing in West Prince, with funding from the Community Housing Fund, the organization has hired Tracy Pineau to carry out the action items noted in a recent housing needs assessment.

MacDonald said one of the main concerns in the mismatch between household incomes and the costs of housing - which is limiting the ability for younger generations and newcomers to live in their own communities.

Develop West Prince Inc. is also trying to shift the mindset from single family, privately-owned dwellings to higher density solutions like duplexes, triplexes and two-story apartment buildings.

Develop West Prince Inc. has also completed a learning needs assessment and is providing capacity building workshops to address gaps identified in the housing needs assessment completed in January of 2023.

The Community Housing Fund, in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), supports the creation of new housing initiatives focusing on affordability, vulnerable populations, assisted living or those who require increased support.

The fund is divided into three categories: capacity building and research; project management and professional services; and construction and development.

For more information, visit : Community Housing Fund.

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