Driver’s license process made easier for Ukrainians

The Province of Prince Edward Island is simplifying the driver’s license exchange process for eligible individuals from Ukraine.

Beginning Monday, August 15, individuals who are exchanging full stage Ukrainian Category B (including BE) passenger vehicle licenses for PEI’s Class 5 license will be able to do so without a written exam or road testing. Commercial class licenses or motorcycle licenses are not eligible for exchange. 

Applicants must provide a valid driver’s license from the reciprocal country and/or a translated copy in French or English of their driver’s license, as well as two documents that show their current address in Prince Edward Island. 

“As a province, we are doing what we can to create a welcoming environment for Ukrainians who are fleeing the Russian invasion of their country. It is important that we make the transition for Ukrainian newcomers as smooth as possible as they settle into their new home.”

- Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Cory Deagle. 

This initiative was made possible by the due diligence processes completed by member jurisdictions of the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, consisting of in-depth analysis of Ukraine’s driver education requirements, testing standards, verification of driver license documents which included reviewing work recently completed between Ukraine and the United Kingdom for this purpose.

Individuals from the Ukraine who have recently started the drivers licensing and testing process can contact the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure’s Highway Safety Division at 902-368-5223 to discuss the new exchange options. 

All new residents and visitors to PEI can drive on their existing license for up to four months before they require a PEI license. Once the exchange process has started the four-month time limit is extended until the process is completed. Depending on which country they are from, new Island residents may be able to simply exchange their foreign license for a driving license in Canada without the need to take road tests or knowledge tests. 

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