Enhanced border testing in place starting Monday, April 26 

Enhanced COVID-19 testing will be provided in Borden, Slemon Park, and Charlottetown for workers and commercial truckers starting Monday, with reduced turnaround times for test results.  

“All members of the border and testing teams have worked hard this weekend to ensure Prince Edward Island border testing is in place and ready to provide quick testing results to those who must travel to the Island,” said Marion Dowling, COVID-19 Joint Response Team Co-Lead. “Many of the people we test at the border are providing essential services to PEI. Providing fast and accurate COVID-19 tests for people entering the province is important to protect PEI from importation of the virus, while maintaining resources and services on PEI.”

Effective Monday, April 26, all PEI resident registered truck drivers, rotational workers, transport crews, military and coast guard (regardless of where they travel) must isolate until they receive their first negative test, unless they are eligible for a same day travel self-isolation exemption. 

Also effective April 26, for people work isolating in PEI following arrival from within the Atlantic Provinces, a negative test result is required before entering all workplaces.

Those entering PEI more than once per week, who have not traveled outside Atlantic Canada in the previous 14 days, must be tested at least once every 5 days.

Members of the above groups will receive a rapid test. People who take a rapid test and receive a positive result will be called directly within two hours by the Chief Public Health Office.

Anyone who has a positive rapid test will be re-directed to a testing clinic to have a confirmatory PCR test. 

Those who do not receive a call within two hours are considered to have a negative result. 

All those tested will receive a card showing the date and time of their test. Employers who require proof of testing before allowing an employee to work following travel may refer to the testing card, noting the time of the test. 

Travelers who arrive via the airport will be given instructions for testing when they arrive and will receive tests at the 64 Park Street testing clinic in Charlottetown, the Slemon Park testing clinic or one of the other testing clinics across the province.

Reminders for Island residents or anyone planning travel to or from Prince Edward Island:

  • Avoid unnecessary travel to PEI;  
  • Do not travel off Island unless it is absolutely necessary; 
  • Everyone entering or returning to PEI is required to self-isolate for 14 days;   
  • Do not socialize or mix with any individuals who have recently returned from out of province and are self-isolating; 
  • People who are self-isolating should respect the self-isolation requirements and follow the rules;  
  • Everyone in PEI, residents or visitors, should be tested if they develop any symptoms of COVID-19;  
  • Islanders are also encouraged to download the free national COVID Alert app, which will let them know if they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. 
For the latest information about Prince Edward Island’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit: COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Prince Edward Island  


The Chief Public Health Office continues to work closely with the federal government, provincial and territorial counterparts, government departments and Health PEI to monitor the pandemic situation and prepare for all COVID-19 related impacts to the province, including health, social and economic. The public health risk of COVID-19 is continually reassessed and Islanders will be updated as new information becomes available. 

Everyone is encouraged to follow routine prevention measures: 

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water  
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow or a tissue  
  • Stay home if you are not feeling well  
  • Limit touching your eyes, nose and mouth  
  • Keep your circle of contacts small  
  • Wear a mask in closed, indoor public spaces  
  • Physical distance - stay two meters (6 feet) apart  
  • Don’t share items like drinking glasses and water bottles  
  • Frequently clean surfaces like taps, doorknobs and countertops  
  • Visit a drop-in-clinic to be tested if you have COVID-19 symptoms  

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