Enhanced driver education training for new residents

The province of Prince Edward Island has introduced a new process to recognize the previous driving experience of motorists from certain countries where validation of out-of-country documents may not be possible.

Experienced drivers relocating to Prince Edward Island from outside Canada will now have the option of using their driving experience as credit towards obtaining a Prince Edward Island Class 5 driver's license.  

The Licensed Driver Education Course, administered by an approved Licensed Driving School,  is for people who have recently relocated to the province from jurisdictions that do not have a driver license Reciprocity Agreement with Prince Edward Island.  

To be eligible for the Licensed Driver Education Course, a new resident must: 

  • be at least 19 years of age;
  • have relocated from a non-reciprocity country;
  • have a minimum of two years driving experience;
  • meet the vision standards of Highway Safety;
  • hold a valid Class 5 (or equivalent) license from their country-of-origin; and, 
  • present acceptable supporting documentation.

“Driving is a complex activity and rules of the road vary greatly across jurisdictions. This enhanced education program will give new residents the additional training needed to familiarize themselves with driving in Prince Edward Island conditions while considering the fundamentals of driving they already have.”

- Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Cory Deagle

The new course recognizes previous experience and means new residents will have an alternative to the three-year Graduated Driver Licensing program. As a result of their previous driving experience, eligible participants will also have the option to apply for other classifications such as the Class 4 license for taxi, ambulance or small buses after they successfully complete the Course and receive their Class 5 license. 

Those participating in the Licensed Driver Education Course will be required to successfully complete a knowledge test and a road test prior to obtaining a Class 5 license. 

For more information, visit: Licensed Driver Education Course.

Media contact:
April Gallant
Department of Transportation and Infrastructure


Driving with an Out-of-Province License in PEI 

  • Under the Highway Traffic Act, new residents to PEI may use their driver`s license for up to four months after they establish residency in the province. 
  • An International Driver’s Permit is required if the driver`s license is not in English or French. This period can be extended if an individual has not completed the driver license exchange process within the four months.
  • Drivers with a six-month Visitor's Visa are not required, or eligible, to exchange their driver`s license and are permitted to drive for the duration of their Visitor`s Visa.
  • A non-resident employed in the agricultural or fishing industry, under the Government of Canada Guest Worker Program, with a valid foreign driver’s license equal to a PEI Class 5 and an International Driver’s Permit, may operate a vehicle for up to eight months (in any one year) without doing a driver`s license exchange. 
  • A full-time student attending an educational institution in PEI (UPEI or college), may drive in PEI with their home license if the license is current and valid and, if required, accompanied by an International Driver's Permit.

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