Funding available for community wellness projects

Communities and organizations can now apply for provincial government funding for wellness initiatives that promote healthy living.

This year the Wellness Grant program includes two different funding streams to help make it more accessible: the Community Catalyst Grant and the Health Promotion Grant.   All projects funded through the program need to address at least one of the pillars of the province’s Wellness Strategy, such as:

  • living tobacco free;
  • being physically active and reducing sedentary time; 
  • healthy eating;
  • consuming alcohol responsibly; and 
  • mental health promotion.

“We want to mobilize communities, giving them the guidance and financial support they need to work together to improve the health and wellbeing of Islanders,” said Health and Wellness Minister James Aylward. “Our intent with this program is to strengthen Island communities and help create environments where making the healthy choice is the easier choice for all Islanders.”

The Community Catalyst Grant supports Island communities in mobilizing and building local capacity for wellness and  provides successful applicants with up to $1,000. To apply, contact the Department of Health and Wellness’s Health Promotion Unit to discuss your plan.  

For more information visit, Wellness Grant Program. Grant proposal are being accepted until December 2019. 

The Health Promotion Impact Grant supports larger, targeted initiatives that address modifiable risk factors for chronic disease and provide up to $7,000 in funding.

Deadline to apply is July 19, 2019 and details are available at Wellness Grant Program.

“We recognize the importance of reducing future reliance on the health system and encouraging healthy lifestyles,” said Dr. David Sabapathy, Deputy Chief Public Health Officer. “By focusing on health promotion and prevention, we can shift the focus beyond individual behavior towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions.    The Wellness Grants allow us to support community initiatives that advance healthy living while building community capacity and supporting community action.”

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