Government invests in infrastructure to support Islanders

Investing in infrastructure -

The provincial government will invest more than $134 million over the coming year in the priority areas of education, health, transportation and communications technology.

Prince Edward Island’s 2018-19 Capital Budget, presented by Finance Minister Allen Roach to the Legislative Assembly today (November 17), is $37.8 million higher than last year’s capital plan. The increase is made possible because of the province's fiscal plan and balanced-budget approach.

“Our government has placed significant emphasis on a strong economic plan, including getting our books balanced,” Minister Roach said. “Prince Edward Island’s strong fiscal health is allowing us to make significant investments in modern infrastructure to support Islanders, now and into the future.”

These investments will also allow government to earlier address the areas of school renewal and the development of a modern mental health facility for inpatient care. In addition, an investment of up to $30 million over the next three years will be made in a fibre backbone to improve internet access to all communities across the province, especially rural communities.

“This capital budget makes major new investments in infrastructure that matter most to Islanders,” Minister Roach said, “such as in our schools, in our health facilities, in our transportation network, and in communities through larger fibre networks.”

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Here are specifics on some of the priority investment areas in the 2018-19 Capital Budget.
Investments in the education system have been increased by $30.9 million over the next five years, with total investments of $83.6 million. Projects include

  • a new Sherwood Elementary School;
  • new additions to the Stratford and Lucy Maud schools in Queens County and a full expansion of École-sur-Mere in Summerside; and
  • $2.5 million in new classroom technology and funding for infrastructure upgrades to provide open wireless internet in schools.

Planned capital investments in health care over the next year are $33 million, with planned expenditures over the next five years of close to $142 million. Projects include:

  • construction of a new, modern mental health campus to replace the Hillsborough Hospital;
  • completion of the Riverview and Tyne Valley manors;
  • renovations to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for the dialysis and post-renal unit;
  • new equipment, including a replacement MRI and addition of a third linear accelerator at the Cancer Treatment Centre; and
  • completion of the Women’s Wellness Centre and expansion of ambulatory care facilities at the Prince County Hospital.

Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy is planning to spend approximately $53 million next year on improvements to roads and bridges, new equipment and buildings. Major projects include:

  • continued work on the TransCanada Highway extension;
  • a major redesign of the Mason Road intersection in Stratford; and
  • the resurface and reconstruction of 138 kilometers of roads.

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