Government takes action on e-gaming recommendations

The provincial government has acted quickly on all of the recommendations in the Auditor General’s e-gaming report.

Premier Wade MacLauchlan asked Finance Minister Allen Roach to coordinate an overall government response to the report’s 15 recommendations.

“The Auditor General’s comprehensive review of the e-gaming initiative identified areas to strengthen accountability and build public trust, and we have responded,” said Minister Roach. “Further, key lessons that our government takes from this matter are that cabinet must be informed and discerning, and that Cabinet ministers bear ultimate responsibility. Our government will approach economic development with sound business sense and a view to building on our province’s successes.”
The Auditor General’s report identified areas of non-compliance with legislation, policies and controls that have now been addressed. As well, whistleblower legislation will be introduced to strengthen the existing policy along with legislation to strengthen records management policies and procedures. Both will be introduced in the Spring Session of the Legislative Assembly. 

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