Health PEI announces new leadership structure

A new leadership structure is coming to Health PEI, one that will help to streamline decision making, break down barriers between programs, improve overall coordination of the health care system and provide responsive services to the increasing health needs of Islanders.

“No matter where or how you access health care in our province – be it at a hospital or walk-in clinic, by phone or through a mobile app – Islanders deserve to have access to top quality programs and service. The last 10 months have been challenging and eye opening.  We have learned that in order to provide top quality care for all Islanders, we need to remove more red tape, empower health care providers to make decisions they are qualified to make, become more nimble as an organization and breakdown any barriers that stand in the way of good health leadership.”    

- Health and Wellness Minister James Aylward

Realigning Health PEI’s leadership structure will create a stronger organization, one set up for success in better meeting the health needs of Islanders. These priorities include strengthening mental health and addictions, seniors’ health, primary care renewal, mobile health, virtual care and health human resources. 

“Every organization must change over time – to adapt, to make improvements, and adjust,” said Board Chair Derek Key. “After many discussions, staff feedback, and ongoing evaluation, we are responding to what we’ve heard from our staff, our patients and patient families. By taking steps to improve our system, we are empowering our leaders to be more responsive to the frontlines and improve coordination, consistency and integration across the province.”
“Patient care needs to come first. Bringing forward these changes now, sets us up for better success in achieving our goals and priorities post pandemic,” said Minister Aylward. “We are breaking down silos and bringing Health PEI’s leadership team under a unified structure. In the weeks and months ahead, Islanders will see more time and effort being put into expanding access to health care services, improved coordination between health programs, and consistent physician leadership from one end of the Island to the other. This shift in direction will also allow our physician leaders to focus on providing care and resources to Islanders, and not get caught up in administration.”

“One thing we have learned from this pandemic is that, as a health care system, we can work better together,” said CEO Denise Lewis Fleming. “No matter where you live on PEI or what health program you are accessing, we all deserve the same level and quality of care. This new leadership structure will bring together our operational team, as well our medical leadership and administration duties, so that together we can provide the best possible health care for all Islanders.” 

“Moving forward, we have brought together some outstanding individuals to make up the new executive leadership team,” adds Board Chair Key. “We will work with staff to strategically implement this exciting new leadership structure.”

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The PEI health system is dynamic and continues to evolve to respond various pressures - we have seen growth in our population, people are living longer with complex chronic conditions, continuous advancement in medicine, and expectations from the public.  The challenges, along with the learnings from the pandemic response, have enabled the health system to assess and redefine its key priorities.  They include seniors’ health, primary care renewal, mental health and addictions, mobile health, virtual care and health human resources.  

The execution of well-defined priorities requires alignment with strategic leadership, as well as an adequate workforce, appropriate space and up-to-date technology.  

Going forward, Health PEI’s leadership structure will better reflect a unified system, where all areas of care will work together for the benefit of Islanders. The guiding principles we seek to achieve through this process include improved integration, standardization, decentralized-decision making, value-based programming and equity of service delivery.  

To see the organizational changes, visit: Health PEI New Leadership Structure Organizational Chart

Starting January 22, the Health PEI Executive Leadership Team will consist of the following:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Denise Lewis Fleming
  • Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Michael Gardam
    The new position of Chief Operating Officer will elevate coordination between our executive directors and provide synchronization and strategic oversight across the system.
  • Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Katherine McNally
    With a Chief Medical Officer in place, leadership to all physicians will be consolidated. This will allow for more clarity, consistency and standardization of care.  Clinical policy and standards need to cross all programs, services and professional types.
  • Chief Financial Officer, Kellie Hawes
    The Chief Financial Officer will lead financial services for our organization
  • Chief Nursing and Professional Practice Officer, Marion Dowling
    The Chief Nursing and Professional Practice Officer will be responsible for Allied Health and Patient Experience. This new role will elevate the quality and patient safety aspects of health care for all program areas.
  • Chief Administrative Officer, Belinda White
    The Chief Administrative Officer will provide oversight and integration of the administrative functions of the organization.

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