Health PEI invites Islanders to serve as patient and family advisors

Supporting Island Families

Health PEI is looking for Islanders with   health care experience (personal or family member) within the past  3 to 5 years to serve as patient and family advisors and to help shape  health care delivery across the province.

Currently there are 50 Islanders serving as patient and family advisors on a variety of planning teams, working groups and committees. They provide direct input into policies, programs and practices which affect patient care and health care services.  Health PEI wants at least a dozen more Islanders to serve as advisors.  Islanders can apply for Health PEI Volunteer Patient and Family Advisors through Engage PEI

"As patient and family advisors we have the privilege and opportunity to see, understand and contribute to our health care system from the inside as our experiences and comments are heard, respected and valued,” said patient and family advisor Deborah Pecoskie. “As an advisor I’ve been able to witness the professionalism, care and dedication of the various and many health care teams who work diligently for all Islanders.”

“In order for our health care system to provide the highest quality patient outcomes, it’s important for government and our health care leaders to listen to the voice of the patient and their families,” said Minister of Health and Wellness Robert Mitchell. “Understanding the perspective and hearing advice directly from people with lived experience is extremely valuable to ensuring that our programs and services are truly patient- and family-centered.”

 “It is only from a patient’s perspective that we can understand if questions and fears are being properly addressed, care is being tailored to specific needs, patient and families feel safe, and systems are working efficiently and effectively,” said Marion Dowling, Health PEI’s Chief of Nursing, Allied Health and Patient Experience.  

Patient and family advisors provide their unique perspective on initiatives, programs and services in the health care decision-making process at every stage from development through to evaluation. They also support quality improvement teams in their efforts to improve patient safety, access and patient experience.

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