Health professional? Make a difference on Prince Edward Island

Rebecca Gill (right) and Carlene Jay discuss physician recruitment tracked on the white board behind them.

If you’ve ever lived on Prince Edward Island, you already know that the scenery and lifestyle are unrivaled. What you might not know is that being on a small Island can make a big difference in your career – especially in health care.

There are in-demand positions available in every facet of health, from resident care workers to physicians. Prince Edward Island offers a chance for talented people to do what they love in a place where they can affect positive change.

“It’s not just a job – it’s the connections that you can make and the networks you can build here,” said Rebecca Gill, the provincial government’s manager of health recruitment and retention.

“There is tremendous opportunity for individuals to really make an impact within their roles in healthcare, especially compared to places of equal or larger size elsewhere in the country.”

While health care across North America is changing, the Island’s aging population and evolving health system mean some positions are more sought after. More collaboration among many different providers means there are simply more health care jobs – and qualified people are needed to fill them.

“People want access to the right health care professional, so we work closely and collaboratively with Health PEI and the communities to respond to where the opportunities exist,” Gill said.

Family physicians are always in high demand. So are specialists like anaesthetists, ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, pathologists, and psychologists.

Nurses are also consistently needed, and the province is focusing on attracting experienced ones with backgrounds in specialties like dialysis. There’s also a growing call for nurse practitioners since they are playing a larger role in the health care landscape.

Physiotherapists and social workers are also vital components in our health care system that are in demand.

If the opportunity to quickly become a difference maker in the field isn’t enough, the province also offers incentives for prospective physicians including:

  • return-in-service grants of $30,000 for family physicians ($40,000 for specialists) for those who relocate from out of province to a rural community;
  • a locum support program with daily allowances for accommodations, car rental and living expenses; and
  • moving expenses of up to $10,000 depending on the location where the move originates.

The province also offers financial incentives for nurses, physiotherapists, and other health care professionals. It is always reviewing these incentives to ensure it remains competitive in recruitment.

Whether new to the Island or returning home, Gill said it doesn’t take long for health professionals to remember why they chose Prince Edward Island.

“People who have worked away see the difference – they realize ‘we may be small, but we have so much to offer.’ You’re not just a number – you’re an important part of how health care is delivered in Prince Edward Island.”

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