Improving foster care for Island children 

Recommendations to improve the provincial foster care program will benefit foster parents and the health and well-being of Island children in care. 

There are currently 80 foster families across the Island and approximately 200 children in care of the Province. A recent review of the foster care program, in partnership with the PEI Federation of Foster Families, has provided 32 recommendations to improve the outcomes for children, better support foster parents, and help recruit more foster families. 

“Every child needs someone to love them unconditionally and encourage and support them. Unfortunately for some children, their parents are not at the point they can do that right now. Together we can create a modern program that meets the needs of families and, more importantly, the children in our care. At the end of the day, it’s children that are the heart of our decisions and we need to ensure that our program can provide the best possible outcomes for them.”

- Minister of Social Development and Housing, Ernie Hudson

The report and recommendations were developed collaboratively by consulting with people who have personal experience within the foster care program. This includes children who are in care or were in care, foster parents, the Federation of Foster Families and staff of child and family services. 

The need to ensure that children are consulted on decisions that affect them, the need to support foster families in their work and the importance of a modern foster care program are key themes of the recommendations. A working group with  staff members from child and family services and the federation will be set up  to implement the recommendations of the review. 

“Every day, foster families across Prince Edward Island open their homes and their hearts to children who need safe and loving homes,” said Mary Noye, president of the PEI Federation of Foster Families. “We are pleased to work with the provincial government to ensure the foster care program can meet the needs of foster families and the children in our care.”

To see the report or learn more about becoming a foster parent, visit Foster Care Review Report 2019

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