Island fisheries and aquaculture companies can apply for funding to help them innovate and grow 

A funding program is available for Island companies in the seafood and aquaculture sectors to help them bring innovative ideas to life and improve their business. 

The PEI Fisheries and Aquaculture Research, Innovation and Growth (RIG) Program is designed to help companies adopt innovative solutions that will improve their efficiency, quality, and productivity. 

“Our fisheries and aquaculture industries on PEI have been leaders in adapting to changes in the market place caused by COVID-19 and we want to help them to continue to innovate and grow in these difficult times. One of the main goals of this program is to support projects that will bring both environmental and economic benefits to our fisheries and aquaculture industries.”

- Fisheries and Communities Minister Jamie Fox

To date, the program has helped 10 Island companies conduct sustainable seafood projects in the oyster, mussel, and lobster sectors on PEI.

“Through the RIG program we were able to access funds to bring innovation and value added to our oyster products that would have been very difficult to secure otherwise”, said owner of Mary Manette Seafood, John McIntyre. “This program has helped us grow and allowed us to start looking into a more sustainable future.”

For more information and to apply to the program visit: PEI Fisheries and Aquaculture Research, Innovation and Growth Program.

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Kip Ready
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Projects funded through the PEI Fisheries and Aquaculture Research, Innovation, and Growth Program since 2019

Bag handling automation and wet storage
Bill and Stanley Oyster Company
Development of a system to automatically empty oyster bags and to make improvements to a wet storage system for oysters 

Oyster Handling and Quality Improvement
Sweet Oyster Company
Installation of an innovative wet storage system for oysters to improve the quality of product being processed and marketed 

Oyster Bag Tumbler
Roger Palmer
Design and build an oyster bag tumbler to improve efficiencies and product quality on the farm. The tumbler will be capable of tumbling 12 oyster bags at a time

Optimizing Spawning Success of Eastern Oysters in a RAS Using Artificial Seawater
Atlantic Aqua Farms
Conduct a research trial at the Atlantic Veterinary College’s Aquatics Facility to optimize a protocol for spawning and larviculture of eastern oysters conditioned in an artificial seawater recirculating aquaculture system.

Facility Rental for Test Marketing Production of Natural Health Products from Oysters
Island Spirit PEI Inc. 
Conduct scale up trials and develop a HACCP plan for the production of natural health products (Island Spirit Oyster Zinc and Island Spirit Calcium) from oysters.

Special Water Handling System for the Safe Processing of Blue Mussel Spat
PEI Mussel Farms Inc.
Centralize the mussel spat processing operation and employ a recirculating water system that uses fresh water.  This will effectively isolate the process from the surrounding environment and allow complete control over the inputs and outputs.

Automated Whole Cooked Lobster Meshing Project
Acadian Supreme Inc. 
Purchase an automated crustacean netting system for a cooked lobster product line to improve productivity and efficiencies at the processing facility. 

PEI Seafood Industry Economic Analysis
PEI Marine Science Organization
A project to conduct a detailed economic analysis to determine the value of the seafood sector to the Prince Edward Island economy, which will include an evaluation of direct and indirect contribution.  

Innovative Flip Farm, Auto Stacker and Cage Tumbler for an Oyster Farm 
Bill & Stanley Oyster Co. Ltd.
Purchase innovative equipment for processes to increase efficiencies and productivity on an oyster farm. The equipment includes: shuttles and racks to support flip farm technology; programmed control box and sensors for oyster holding system; and a hydraulic oyster cage tumbler, which attaches to side of boat. 
Market and Yield Testing for PEI Smoked Tinned Oysters 
Mary Manette Seafood
Optimize the production processes (high pressure processing, smoking and canning) and conduct preliminary market testing for canned PEI oysters with the end goal of establishing a canning operation on PEI.

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