Islanders make an impact through Engage PEI

Islanders are stepping up to share their interests, skills and ideas through participation on provincial government agencies, boards and commissions. 

“It is encouraging to see that Islanders from all parts of the province, and people with varying backgrounds, are willing to work with government to make Prince Edward Island a better place for all,” said Premier Wade MacLauchlan. “Serving on one of the more than 70 agencies, boards and commissions can make a positive impact on an industry, community, or our province as a whole.”

Members on ABCs serve in various capacities to develop policy or deliver government programs, direct public or private sector operations, review licenses, or hear appeals regarding government and third-party decisions.

Visit Engage PEI to view profiles of the agencies, boards and commissions and apply online. Islanders are welcome to apply anytime throughout the year but someone interested in a specific agency, board or commission is encouraged to apply at least two months before a vacancy.

The Agricultural Insurance Corporation Appeal Board is currently looking for new members. Applicants with experience in agriculture or insurance, or with mediation, tribunal, or adjudicative experience are encouraged to apply.


The following were appointed or reappointed to agencies, boards and commissions, or designated to specific roles, on December 20, 2016:

Agricultural Insurance Corporation Appeal Board
Wayne Gorrill of O’Leary, designated as Chairperson for the remainder of his term

Grain Elevators Corporation
Alvin Keenan of Rollo Bay, designated as President for the remainder of his term
Earle Smith of Bedeque, designated as Vice- President for the remainder of his term
Rollin Andrew of Winsloe, designated as Secretary-Treasurer for the remainder of his term

Power Engineers Board of Examiners
Steven Townsend of Bedeque, designated as Chairperson and Examiner

Also appointed or reappointed to the Power Engineers Board of Examiners
Ronald McIntyre, North Bedeque
Miller West, Lower Montague
David Wonnacott, Charlottetown
Douglas Watts, Charlottetown

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Visit Engage PEI to learn more about serving as a member of an agency, board or commission (ABC).

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