Islanders volunteer for government boards in August

Engage PEI helped 20 people from all across Prince Edward Island get involved with their provincial government this month.

The Islanders were appointed or reappointed to six government agencies, boards, or commissions in August. Engage PEI helps fill vacancies on more than 70 such volunteer boards, which this month included the Health PEI Board of Directors and the province’s new Regional Economic Advisory Councils.

“The Islanders who have stepped forward from all parts of our province deserve our thanks for working to make our home a better place,” Premier Wade MacLauchlan said. “It is in our nature as Islanders to work together to make big things happen, which is one of the qualities that makes Prince Edward Island mighty.”

The Health PEI Board works on behalf of all Islanders to provide high-level oversight of the organization’s financial management as well as the delivery of safe, quality health care.

The Regional Economic Advisory Councils seek members from diverse backgrounds including business and community leaders, youth, women, and newcomers to the province. The councils help drive the Island’s economic growth and advise the premier and cabinet on the future of our communities.

Some vacancies require specific skill sets, so Islanders should regularly check for openings that might suit their experience or interests. To apply, visit


Here are the 20 Islanders appointed or re-appointed to six provincial government agencies, boards, and commissions by cabinet in August – listed with community of residence.

Emergency Medical Services Board

Dr. Scott Cameron - Summerside (reappointment)

Pete Phillips - Cape Traverse (reappointment)

Jason Milligan - Alberton (reappointment)

Cathy MacDougall - Summerside (reappointment)

Fathers of Confederation Building Trust

Lori Pendleton - Charlottetown

Health PEI Board of Directors

Dr. George Saunders - Charlottetown

John Horrelt - Stratford

Phyllis Horne - Mill River (reappointment)

Kay Lewis - Desable (reappointment)

Blaine MacPherson - Darlington (reappointment)

Sally Lockhart - Coleman (reappointment)

West Regional Economic Advisory Council

Stacey Gaudet - Tignish

East Prince / West Queens Regional Economic Advisory Council

Jerry Bidgood - Kensington

Summerside Family Housing Authority

Rev. Dr. Arthur Davis - Summerside

Brian Wedge - Summerside (reappointment)

Gloria Birch - Summerside (reappointment)

Eileen Keough - Summerside (reappointment)

Arlene DesRoches - Summerside (reappointment)

Paul H. Schurman - Summerside (reappointment)

Maynard Simpson - Summerside (reappointment)

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