More signs marking electric vehicle parking and charging stations will be added across the Island

The province has approved regulations under the Highway Traffic Act so that electric vehicle parking and charging stations can be clearly marked and more visible to Islanders.

The new signage regulations are a positive step in providing Islanders with clarity around where electric vehicle parking spots are located and who can use them. Businesses and organizations can also create their own branded signage under the regulations. 

“Signage continues to evolve as we work towards a more sustainable future for PEI. We hope to see more Islanders purchase new or used electric vehicles and we need the infrastructure in place to make this happen. Transportation is a big cause of our Island’s GHG emissions and electric vehicles are one way to help reduce that impact.”

- Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy Minister Steven Myers

The province encourages Islanders to be aware and not take a parking space that is meant for an electric vehicle. People who park a non-electric vehicle in a charging spot will potentially face fines.

“The network of electric vehicle chargers continues to grow across the Island. I think many people would be surprised at how many already exist in communities. I hope the new signage will bring more attention to existing chargers and helps to eliminate some of the anxiety people have in terms of how far they may have to go to find a charging station,” said Minister Myers.

Encouraging the use of electric vehicles is part of the Sustainable Transportation Action Plan. Supporting more sustainable transportation in Prince Edward Island will help Islanders lower their impact on the environment, while also encouraging people to walk, cycle and use community transit more often.

For more information, visit: Electric Vehicles

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