Network helps home-based child care operators learn together

Jennifer Nangreaves

When you start a new job, it’s helpful to connect with colleagues who have experience in the area. They often have great advice and can help you navigate as you learn and grow in your career. 

But family home centre operators, who provide child care out of their own house and spend their days in the company of children, don’t necessarily have the same chance to work closely with their colleagues or learn from a mentor. 

That’s why the Early Childhood Educators Association (ECDA) created the Licensed or Aspiring Licensed Family Home Centre Network, a virtual support group for family home centre operators.

Jennifer Nangreaves director of the ECDA hosts the monthly sessions. 

“The family home centre space can be isolating. We want to bring operators together, so they can meet their colleagues and create working friendships."

Everyone is welcome. 

“All operators and aspiring operators can attend the sessions. It’s a safe space to share wins and discuss challenges. It’s also helpful to get feedback from various operators across the Island on what they think could make centres better, which positively impacts the children they care for.” 

The optional sessions started in 2021 and take place virtually so that everyone can participate. 

Stacey Bassett is in the process of getting her family home centre licensed and has attended several sessions. 

“Whether looking to get into the field, trying to navigate opening, or already being open, I love the opportunity that the group provides to ask questions.”  

Nangreaves says they cover all kinds of topics. 

“We talk about time management, hours of operation, funding, policy, everything.”

The sessions also add clarity to the licensing process. 

“We highlight the advantages of becoming licensed and help break down any potential barriers that operators are facing. If there’s something that I can’t help with, I connect them with someone who can, or we invite an expert to speak to the group on the topic.”

Maha Ghiz also attends the sessions. 

“It’s a very welcoming environment, and it’s so helpful to learn from other professionals in the space.” 

Nangreaves hopes that the growth of licensed family home centres on Prince Edward Island will continue. 

“We want to foster uniqueness in the early years workforce, but also ensure consistency and quality child care. We know that family home centres have been and will continue to be a big part of growing our sector, and we want to help them however we can.”

The next session takes place March 7 at 6:30 p.m. Operators can register on the ECDA website under Events.
For more information about Family Home Centres in PEI visit: Family Home Centre.

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