New building codes take effect March 31

Anyone planning new construction or renovations in PEI will be required to follow updated building codes as of March 31, 2024.

The codes establish the minimum standards required for the design, construction, renovation and maintenance of a structure. Amendments to the Building Codes Act Regulations adopt the 2020 editions of the national building and energy codes. The 2020 codes include requirements for accessibility and energy efficiency, among other things. Projects currently underway will continue to fall under the 2015 editions. 

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“Building codes ensure the health, safety and security of buildings, people and the community. The adoption of the 2020 national model codes will bring Prince Edward Island up to date on the most current codes available for building safety.” 
-    Hon. Rob Lantz, Minister of Housing, Land and Communities

“The 2020 Code will provide an effective approach to bolster the energy efficiency and resilience of the build environment. Industry and the Province will work together to ensure its requirements are seamlessly integrated into the design and construction of buildings on PEI.” 
-    Nazmi Lawen, Chair, Building Standards Council

“CAPEI supports the need to design, build, and renovate our buildings to create energy efficient and safe spaces, while being mindful of the ever-growing costs. Adopting the latest building codes ensures we are working towards building better buildings.” 
-    Sam Sanderson, General Manager, Construction Association of Prince Edward Island

“Engineers PEI is supportive of the Government of PEI’s adoption of the 2020 editions of the National Model Codes. Adopting the latest edition of the model codes plays an important role in professional engineers’ responsibility to protect the safety of the public.” 
-    Marianne LeBlanc, President, Engineers PEI. 

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