New Francophone Immigration Strategy

Today, the provincial government released the PEI Francophone Immigration Strategic Action Plan 2023-2028 to attract French-speaking immigrants who will contribute to the prosperity of the province and enrich the diversity of Island communities. 

Representatives of the Acadian and Francophone Affairs Secretariat, Office of Immigration, representatives from Workforce, Advanced Learning and Population, and other areas, including health and education, led the development of this action plan, and they will also oversee its implementation. 

In April 2023, a group from the Office of Immigration, the PEI Francophone Early Childhood Centre Association- ACPEFÎPÉ, , Cooperative d’intégration francophone, Commission scolaire de langue française (CSLF) Health PEI and the Tourism Industry Association of PEI went to France and Belgium to attend Destination Acadie. This joint event was created through a partnership with the three maritime provinces and the goal was to attract French speaking talent to work in education, healthcare and tourism.  The CSLF connected with 45 qualified candidates to obtain certification. The ACPEFÎPÉ invited 24 candidates to apply for provincial certification and Health PEI met with six physicians and one social worker. 

“In order to maintain the growth of the French-speaking community on the Island, it’s important for the province and community partners to strengthen capacity to welcome and integrate French-speaking newcomers. French-speaking immigration and population growth are important to sustain the culture and language and grow a vibrant Acadian and Francophone community in Prince Edward Island.”

- Minister Responsible for Acadian and Francophone Affairs Gilles Arsenault

In partnership with the Acadian and Francophone Community Advisory Committee, consultations were held and highlighted the clear need to attract more French-speaking immigrants to meet the demand for more French-speaking and bilingual workers in various areas, particularly in health and childcare. This Strategic Action Plan shows government’s commitment to addressing the issues expressed by the community and brought forward by the Advisory Committee.

French-speaking immigration, settlement and integration efforts will:

  • Help to address labour market gaps and supports employer labour needs; 
  • Help meet the demand for French-speaking and bilingual workers; 
  • Expand the quality, breadth and depth of services available in French for Island residents and the tourism sector.

The goals of the action plan over the next five years are to: 

  • Attract French-speaking people who want to immigrate to PEI and support the sustainability of the French-speaking community;
  • Help French-speaking newcomers settle and stay in PEI by creating a sense of community and opportunities to live and work in French;
  • Strengthen capacity to increase French-speaking immigration, grow the diversity of PEI's workforce, and sustain the Acadian and Francophone community and culture in PEI.

For more information, visit: PEI Francophone Immigration Strategic Action Plan 2023-2028.

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