New initiatives to help all Islanders participate and thrive 

(l-r) Minister Jordan Brown, Minister Tina Mundy, Premier Wade MacLauchlan, Roxanne Carter-Thompson, Chair, PEI Poverty Reduction Advisory Council and Minister Sonny Gallant

Significant new investments in shelter, food, and help for individuals looking for employment will give more Islanders an opportunity to participate to their fullest and assist those who need it the most. 

The Prince Edward Island government today announced a series of initiatives to support Islanders and best position them for success. 

“Thanks to the hard work of Islanders and responsible management of our province’s finances we are in a position to continue to invest in benefits for Islanders, particularly for those who need them the most,” said Premier Wade MacLauchlan. “These new investments in Islanders will provide them with additional financial supports that will help our province flourish.” 

The initiatives include: 

-    Social Assistance food rates will increase 10 per cent, benefitting up to 5,000 Islanders a year
-    Social Assistance shelter rates will increase six per cent, benefitting up to 5,000 Islanders a year
-    A new Child Social Inclusion Allowance will provide an allowance to families on social assistance so their children have greater opportunities to participate in activities
-    A new Secure Income Program will provide an income to Islanders who are unable to participate in the workforce
-    A new 2-1-1 service will provide a simple, single access point for Islanders seeking assistance 
-    New job readiness initiatives will reduce barriers for Islanders entering the workforce
-    Expansion of the SEAM/STAR program

“In order to help ensure meaningful and lasting change for Islanders we must take a collaborative approach with our NGOS and community partners who do tremendous work each and every day,” said Minister of Family and Human Services Tina Mundy. “We are going to empower Islanders to be healthy and self-sufficient, and to help their sense of belonging and connectedness to their communities.”

The announcement of these new initiatives coincides with the release of a new five-year Poverty Reduction Action Plan that recognizes that Islanders have unique needs and require different forms and levels of assistance. The action plan is the result of a collaborative approach between government and community organizations.

The plan includes four action areas: 

1.    To help Islanders in need
2.    To support the most vulnerable
3.    To build on our supportive communities and partners
4.    To improve the well-being of children and youth

"Lifelong learning, training, skill development and connecting Islanders to our workforce are all top priorities," said Minister of Workforce and Advanced Learning Sonny Gallant. "By making strategic investments and working together, we are removing barriers and creating opportunities for Islanders most in need."

"I'm encouraged by the opportunities the plan holds for children and youth," said Education, Early Learning and Culture Minister Jordan Brown. "There are many actions that young people will appreciate because they will make a difference in their everyday lives and their capacity to plan for the future." 

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