One-year grace period for switching to Electronic Logging Devices in PEI

In Prince Edward Island motor carriers and drivers of commercial buses and trucks, are being granted a one-year grace period to adhere to the federal law coming into effect June 12, 2021, that requires switching from a paper daily log to an electronic logging device (ELD).  

The Province of Prince Edward Island remains committed to the federal ELD mandate. However, recognizing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the importance of adequate time for the purchase, installation and training required for compliance, the Province will allow for a progressive enforcement period without penalties until June 12, 2022.

“This one-year grace period will give drivers and carriers enough time to obtain and install devices and train people on how to use them. There will be no penalties during the grace period. Early enforcement measures will include education and awareness.”

- Transportation and Infrastructure Minister James Aylward

ELDs automatically record driving time in commercial motor vehicles. This helps to ensure that drivers are compliant with hours of service regulations resulting in reduced fatigue for drivers, improved administrative efficiency and ultimately safer roads.

ELD device hardware and software must be tested and certified by a third party accredited by Transport Canada. Industry is advised to research ELD device options and ensure any procured ELD is a certified device as approved by Transport Canada. Approved devices can be found here.

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