Permits no longer required for domestic brush burning

Burn permits are not required anymore for domestic brush burning, but burning will only be allowed when there is the lowest possible fire risk. 

Outdoor burning is one way that Island residents dispose of small quantities of natural brush, cut grasses, leaves, branches and other woody debris. Disposing of natural brush and vegetation around homes – provided it is done safely - can reduce the overall risk of wildfire for the province.

The highest risk of forest fires in PEI is from March 15 to December 1 of each year, and fire risks have increased due to downed trees from Hurricane Fiona. The province is implementing a new traffic light-based burning advisory system for each county.

  • Green means domestic brush burning is allowed any time from 2 p.m. to 8 a.m. each day, while keeping fire safety in mind. All fires must be extinguished by 8 a.m. each day.
  • Yellow means burning is allowed with certain restrictions. All fires must be extinguished by 8 a.m. each day.
  • Red means no domestic brush burning is allowed at any time of the day

Islanders are asked to check for burning restrictions before they consider burning brush. Starting March 15, check if burning is allowed by calling 1-800-237-5053 or by visiting the province’s website.

Burn brush safely by doing the following:

  • Keep fires small and if possible, burn in a contained fire pit or an approved outdoor burning structure.
  • Have adequate water and fire suppression tools on hand (shovels, rakes, brooms, etc.). 
  • Have enough help on hand to control the fire.
  • Ensure the fire is completely out after burning is finished for the day
  • Keep a charged phone nearby to call 911 if the fire escapes or to report any wildfires in your area. 

Campfires do not require burn permits but people should check for fire restrictions before starting a campfire. Municipalities may also have their own bylaws that restrict burning, so residents should check with their local jurisdiction as well.

Industrial, prescribed burning, or large burns for the purpose of land-clearing do still require permits. Contact Forest, Fish and Wildlife for more information or apply online starting March 15 at: Fire Information

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