Prince Edward Island artists receive grants 

Harmony Wagner says receiving an arts grant allows her to dig in and do necessary research to write a meaningful exploration of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s life.

Wagner is among 25 Island artists who recently received a total of $75,000 through the provincial Arts Grants program.  

“I am grateful for this provincial support to artists,” said Wagner. “This grant is helping to trigger the writing of this screenplay to launch the first key phase of bringing Montgomery’s personal story alive as a feature film.”

The successful applicants were selected by a six-member jury of their arts community peers and follows the same model used by the Canada Council of Arts.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important for Government to support Island artists. Our cultural industries are incredibly valuable to our province, as they play an essential role in connecting Islanders and showcasing our Island to people around the world.”

- Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture Minister Matthew MacKay

Media contact:
Hillary MacDonald
Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture


Successful Applicants

Dennis Ellsworth
Creation, Music, $4000.00
The proposed music project is three separate albums, consisting of 10 songs each, all released a month apart in the final quarter of 2020. The first documents becoming a father, the second is focused on the drastic fall and intense period of global economic and societal deterioration under the thumb of the coronavirus pandemic, and the third represents the unknown future as we attempt to move forward.

Andrew Waite
Creation, Music, $5000.00
This project is for the creation of eight brand new compositions - a collection of songs exploring a variety of themes, including mental health, personal loss, and the increasingly more divisive political and social Canadian reality.

Daniel Brown
Creation, Film and Media Arts, $5000.00
Daniel Brown’s second narrative short film, "The Ol' One Two," is about a man who travels back in time to hold his younger self hostage.

Gordie MacKeeman
Creation, Music, $5000.00
Gordie MacKeeman will produce a high quality children’s album with a focus on folk, Canadiana, and roots music. The aim of this album is to create a musical experience that will be enjoyed by both children and adults and to encourage family listening.

Harmony Wagner
Creation, Writing, $4500.00
To write the first draft of a feature-length screenplay of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s life: exploring how her creativity, mental wellbeing and medical treatment intersected.

Kathleen Wiens
Creation, Interdisciplinary, $5000.00
The project is a participatory public art project related to the multitude of emotions experience during household isolation (the COVID-19 global pandemic). The final stage will take the form of a multi-sensory art installation.

Nathan Wiley
Creation, Music, $5000.00
Recording a six song, self produced EP of original music.

Patricia Bourque
Creation, Visual Arts, $4750.00
Photo series capturing the transformation Indigenous People experience preparing for and when they wear their traditional Regalia.

Rilla Marshall
Creation, Crafts, $2500.00
This grant will assist in the creation of a collection of handwoven artworks comprised of multiple series. Each of these ‘micro series” will explore the formal and metaphorical aspects of various categories of Prince Edward Island’s coastal features such as channels, almost islands, sand spits, and low tide. The interpretation of coastal geographies through the woven grid is an exploration of relationships and space, the influence of the sea upon our land, and the influence of one entity upon another through a dynamic relationship.

Scott Parsons
Creation, Music, $5000.00
The project is to research and write 10 new songs of PEI Black history.

Troy Little and Brenda Hickey
Creation, Writing, $4000.00
"Butterfly House" is a collaborative graphic novella broken into two parts, written and illustrated by either Troy Little or Brenda Hickey. Both pieces serve to tell the story of a young girl trapped in an infinite time loop, trying to escape from a haunted house.

Paul Gallant
Dissemination, Writing, $2000.00
The project is a collection of 36 plays by author and composer Paul Daniel Gallant that will be put online and distributed as a book to all French schools in Atlantic Canada.

Brandon Howard Roy
Creation, Music, $4000.00
Complete the recording of a 6-song EP called Tough Stuff to be released November 13th, 2020. 

Kinley Dowling
Creation, Interdisciplinary, $3500.00
Creation of a new music video for Kinley’s song 'Run With You' in collaboration with filmmaker Jenna MacMillan.

Max Knechtel
Dissemination, Visual Arts, $1000
A retrospective exhibition of photos and materials from the @billspotting instagram project, documenting community encounters with local public figure Bill McFadden.

Gerard Clarkes
Dissemination, Writing, $2500
This application is for the production (design, photography, writing, and organization) of a publication to support the upcoming solo art exhibit of Gerard Clarkes at The Confederation Centre Art Gallery.

Jasmine Michel
Dissemination, Music, $750
To reimagine Jasmine Michel’s concert series, Wayfarer, as a podcast with interactive possibilities for a wider audience.

Devon Ross
Professional Development, Dance, $500
HOMEWORK - is an online dance mentorship program offered by Project Home Dance. It offers 3 weeks of online dance classes, lectures, and discussions to guide each participant through the process of choreographing and shooting a dance film, and culminates in presenting your work.

Tanya MacCallum
Professional Development, Writing $500
Tanya MacCallum has been accepted and registered for the Nikki Payne Comedy Class. Her class will workshop beginner and emerging artists’ comedy writing.

Janet Whytock
Dissemination, Writing, $2000
The aim of this project is to highlight Prince County artist William Stuart and his work down in the Port Hill area through an exhibition. Through this project, Janet Whytock will be able to research his artwork and how he captured life on the island in the late 19th century.

Logan Richard
Dissemination, Music, $2000
In anticipation of Logan’s upcoming single, he had planned a release tour to promote and get it out to the world. This tour was cancelled due to COVID-19, so he is planning to do an online 'virtual tour' highlighting Prince Edward Island landmarks, and local musicians.

Jody Racicot
Dissemination, Theatre, $1000
To present the play Shipwrecked at The Guild in Charlottetown in fall 2020.

Robin Gislain Shumbusho
Dissemination, Visual Arts, $500
To create and promote an exhibition and showcase of his photography.

Donnalee Downe
Dissemination, Visual Arts $2000
Dissemination of a recently completed collection of 16 works slated for a juried solo exhibition in October, 2020.

Michael Pendergast
Creation, Music, $3000
The project will create six bilingual songs that explore contemporary Acadian identity on Prince Edward Island. These songs will add to the traditional Acadian repertoire in a fashion more accessible to Acadians who have lost their language.

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