Program helps French teachers improve their language skills

Cecile Arsenault

If you’ve ever studied another language, you know that practice makes perfect. 

That’s why the Programme de perfectionnement linguistique (PPL) was created, to help Island teachers maintain and improve their French language skills. 

Cecile Arsenault is the program coordinator. 

“Language development is a lifelong process. This program allows participants to practice linguistic skills and habits that will enable them to maintain their language level throughout their professional lives.” 

The program began in 2013 and is available to French teachers in the Public Schools Branch.

Once enrolled, learners are paired with an instructor to develop a personalized action plan, and learning strategy based on the participant’s language profile. 

“Teachers complete a self-assessment of needs, strengths and potential weaknesses to help them identify their personal language goals,” explains Arsenault. 

Sherri Davis is a teacher at Montague Consolidated School and participated in the program last summer. 

"I really enjoyed my experience. The flexibility was awesome, and my instructor gave me so many practical ways to improve my language skills.”

Davis immersed herself in all things French during the program. 

“I really went for it! I listened to French music, read French books, watched TV in French, everything.” 

Her hard work paid off. 

“I’m motivated by my students and want to be the best teacher I can be. It was very rewarding to see how far I had progressed since starting the program.”

Arsenault says learners are encouraged to explore French beyond their professional setting. 

“We encourage them to participate in local French activities to experience the cultural components of a language. It brings a whole new level of appreciation and understanding.”

Arsenault looks forward to seeing the program continue to help French teachers. 

“We hope that by offering French teachers support, and additional development opportunities, they will feel increasingly rewarded in their careers, which helps with overall retention and satisfaction.”

“It’s really a win for everyone. Teachers feel more confident in their French language skills and students benefit from even better teaching.” 

To learn more about the program, visit: Programme de perfectionnement linguistique (PPL).

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