Project looks at ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on farms

 A project is underway to identify farm practices that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions on Island farms.

The Prince Edward Island Federation of Agriculture has signed an agreement with the provincial Department of Communities, Land and Environment to conduct the project. It will engage key industry, academic, government and extension representatives to develop a series of best practices that can be piloted on farms beginning in the spring of 2019 into 2021.  

“The agriculture industry is to be commended for the measures it is undertaking to identify and promote ways of reducing or removing greenhouse gas emissions on farms,” said Communities, Land and Environment Minister Richard Brown. “Implementing best practices on farms will improve the overall competitiveness and environmental sustainability of the industry.”

The project is expected to be completed at a cost of $98,500. The project is funded through the federal Low Carbon Economy Leadership Fund, an integral element of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.

“The innovative and practical solutions Prince Edward Island farmers are developing are helping all of Canada reduce emissions and fighting climate change across the globe,” said Catherine McKenna, federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change. “Energy efficiency initiatives are not only reducing emissions, but saving costs for businesses and helping make life more affordable for families. By working together to protect our environment we can make sure we’re passing a safer and more prosperous future on to our kids and grandkids.”

Some of the farm practices being examined are nutrient stewardship, conservation cropping, energy efficiency and feeding strategies for livestock.

“This project stresses the farming community’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture production that not only improves the environment, but ensures our economic viability as well,” said David Mol, president of the Prince Edward Island Federation of Agriculture. “The Federation is proud to lead this important initiative with both levels of government and believes the end product will improve the sector and our province as it moves forward.” 

Agriculture accounts for 25 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in Prince Edward Island.     

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