Province to Islanders living away: ‘Maybe you should come home’

Julia Campbell, Premier Wade MacLauchlan, Minister Sonny Gallant, and Jordan Cameron.

The provincial government is asking Islanders living elsewhere to consider coming home.

The month long campaign “Maybe You Should Come Home”
 – after a lyric from Kinley Dowling’s song Golden Days – encourages Islanders living away to share on social media why they wish to move back to Prince Edward Island and those living on the Island to tell stories about why they think friends and family should move home.  

Posts with the hashtag #URPEI are entered to win a one-way flight to the Island from anywhere in the world which can be used by someone living away or given to a friend or family member living away.

“Prince Edward Island is evolving and has seen significant change over the past few years,” Premier Wade MacLauchlan said. “Our working-age population is larger than ever, our businesses are booming, and our diversity and rich culture are thriving. Even as we continue to progress as a prosperous province, the Mighty Island still has its connectedness and comforting qualities that are beloved by Islanders both near and far.”

A key action of government’s Population Action Plan focuses on the repatriation of Islanders living in other parts of Canada and abroad. A recommendation to create a repatriation campaign also came from YDAY 2017. 

“I lived and travelled in over 40 countries for 12 years, so returning home was a mix of emotions for me,” said Julia Campbell, owner of JEMS Boutique. “I realized PEI had changed and so had I. My biggest piece of advice if you’re moving home is to change your mindset. When I came back, I only thought about what PEI could offer me, but when realized what I could offer PEI, my whole world opened up.”

Earlier this year, the Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning and UPEI Institute of Island Studies conducted a survey asking expats, students, and visitors why they left and what could encourage them to move back. The results of the survey is available at

“It’s good to see that over 80 percent of survey respondents have an interest in moving back to Prince Edward Island,” Workforce and Advanced Learning Minister Sonny Gallant said. “A majority of respondents stated they left for employment opportunities.  In the past two years, our job numbers have seen significant growth. Employment is at an all-time high with an additional 4,200 full-time jobs.”

The winner of the contest will be awarded at the end of August. 


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