Province launches bid process to host 2023 Canada Games

Health and Wellness Minister Robert Henderson and Canada Games Co-Chairs Brian McFeely and Wayne Carew display Canada Games jackets from games hosted in PEI in 1991 and 2009

The province is one step closer to hosting the 2023 Canada Winter Games.
Today the Canada Games Council launched its official bid process, outlining what requirements Prince Edward Island must meet in order to host the 2023 winter games. The province also announced that Brian McFeely and Wayne Carew will co-chair the provincial bid committee for the games.

“Hosting an event of this caliber is an historic opportunity to grow our province’s economy, build our volunteer capacity, and showcase everything we have to offer. I am confident that with the right Islanders around the table who are visionary, knowledgeable, and hard working  – including our bid committee members – we can surprise a lot of people and show the entire country what Prince Edward Island can do.”

- Hon. Robert Henderson, Minister of Health and Wellness

The bid committee, made up of volunteer members, is responsible for submitting a conceptual plan for hosting the games to the Canada Games Council by July 2018. The bid process includes developing and reviewing an extensive hosting plan which will include:

  • sport venues;
  • non-sport venues;
  • the games village;
  • community leadership, support and engagement;
  • marketing and communications;
  • revenue generation;
  • expenses; and
  • the required games frameworks to ensure the success of this multi-sport event.

 The co-chairs will work with the Department of Health and Wellness to identify the skills sets required of a bid committee and recruit additional expertise as members of their bid committee to develop the plan for the assigned areas.
“This is an exciting time and great opportunity for Prince Edward Island - we are honoured to be asked to co-chair the 2023 Canada Winter Games Bid Committee,” said Carew and McFeely in a joint statement. “With our involvement on the Canada Games Council’s Board and our experience with bid evaluation committees for both the 2017 Games in Manitoba, and the 2021 Games in Ontario, we believe we have a good grasp of the Canada Games Council’s standards, procedures, and expectations.
“We look forward to working with the Canada Games Council, our bid committee and all stakeholders to develop a bid that all of Prince Edward Island and the Canada Games family will be proud of.”
“We are excited to officially launch the bid process for the 2023 Canada Winter Games in PEI,” said Tom Quinn, Canada Games Council chairman. “This province successfully hosted the Canada Games in the past and we look forward to watching this bid process unfold.”
Held once every two years and alternating between summer and winter, the Canada Games represent the highest level of national competition for the next generation of national team athletes and future champions. Since the games began in 1967, more than 100,000 young athletes have participated in the Canada Games. The Games have been hosted in every province at least once since their inception; Prince Edward Island hosted the Canada Winter Games in 1991 and the 2009 Canada Summer Games.


The bid committee will oversee the development of a bid that complies with the stringent hosting standards defined in the Canada Games Bid Procedures and Hosting Standards.
These standards identify 41 functional areas within the games that will need to be addressed to various levels within the bid.
The bid is broken down into two phases, each including various standard requirements:

  • Phase one (due in November 2017): Sport Venues, Non Sport Venues and the Games Village
  • Phase two (due in June 2018): Vision, Community Leadership, Capacity, Support and Engagement, Marketing & Communications Strategy, Revenue Generation Review, Expenses Review, Required Games Frameworks

The Canada Games Bid Evaluation Committee reviews each component of the bid. If all standards are met, the officially awarding of the 2023 Canada Winter Games will take place in the fall of 2018.

Bid committee co-chairs

Wayne Carew
Wayne has significant experience with Canada Games. He was a member of the National Board of the Canada Games and is well-known to Islanders in his role with the Host Society for the 2009 Canada Summer Games on Prince Edward Island, increasing the profile and support for Island athletics. His experience and ability will serve Islanders well in the bid preparation.
The 2009 games left a lasting legacy of new and improved facilities, enhanced volunteer resources, financial returns of 15,000 visitors and $81.5 million in economic activity.
Wayne is the current president of Confederation M&A. He provides expert advice to private sector clients on every aspect of buying or selling a business including risk assessment, defining and approaching potential buyers and sellers, due diligence and post-acquisition support.
Wayne’s extensive management and ownership experience in fields ranging from post-secondary education and healthcare to automotive sales has given him a leading edge in achieving success.
His wide-reaching contact list and his understanding of every stage of the business process allow him to provide excellent leadership.  He lives in Stanley Bridge, Prince Edward Island with his wife Nancy and enjoys spending time on their boat and travelling.

Other notable facts about Wayne Carew:
• currently serves on the Executive of the Board for the Slemon Park Corporation,
• sits on the Board of the Prince County Hospital Foundation
Brian McFeely
Brian McFeely’s leadership with Canada Games is well demonstrated on Prince Edward Island. As co-CEO of the 2009 Canada Games he was a part of a team that left a lasting legacy to sports on Prince Edward Island. In this role, he provided strategic leadership for the planning, development and implementation of the event with particular emphasis on securing all public and private funding necessary to meet the thirty-three million dollar budget requirement.
As the former director of the province’s Sport and Recreation Division, Brian gained extensive experience in effectively delivering programs and services within a local and national context. He became a Summerside city councillor in 2014, after retiring from a 40-year career in sport and recreation.
As owner and operator of McFeely Consulting, he specializes in strategic planning services, business continuity planning, and revenue generation strategies for non-profit and public sector organizations. He has successfully designed and implemented sponsorship strategies for national non-profit organizations and events. He has built a strong network of community champions and corporate citizens from across the country.
Brian McFeely lives with his wife of over 40 years, Mary Jane. They have three adult children.
Other notable facts about Brian McFeely:

  • received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013
  • served in a variety of leadership roles with numerous professional and volunteer positions: sport, cultural, church, and youth organizations (locally, provincially, and nationally).

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