Province recruiting physician assistants to join health care system

Prince Edward Island is actively recruiting for five physician assistants to join Health PEI and provide much-needed access to care for Islanders and increasing team-based care in collaboration with a supervising physician.

All five positions are currently being advertised. Several physicians have expressed interest in working with a physician assistant and integrating them into their practice. Successful candidates will be matched with a supervising physician based on Health PEI’s hiring criteria, their experience and following a standardized interview process.

Physician Assistants, under the supervision of a physician, can complete physical examinations, administer vaccinations, set or cast a fracture, gather patient history, develop treatment plans, document within the patient health record, assist in surgery, and more, based on their training and experience. Their scope of practice can also be expanded through medical directives and supervisory agreements with the supervising physician.

In June, regulations allowing them to practice in the province came into effect.

Earlier this month representatives from Health PEI and the Department of Health and Wellness attended the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick, to promote the new career opportunities in Prince Edward Island.

Physician assistants are health care professionals who have completed advanced medical training through a recognized Canadian program or through the military, and practice under the supervision of a physician. Their training, experience and skills will support delivery of health care in the province by helping to alleviate physician workload, reducing patient wait times and improving overall patient flow.

For more information about the positions in Prince Edward Island, including the job posting and application link, click here.


“The addition of new health care workers into the system will assist in reducing pressures on existing staff and enhancing the quality of care for Island patients. We are very pleased to welcome Physician Assistants to our Island health care team. We have heard from several Island physicians who are looking forward to adding PAs to their practice and helping them to care for patients more efficiently.”

- Hon. Mark McLane, Health and Wellness Minister

“Adding Physician Assistants to the PEI health care system will bring immense value to Islanders. These health care workers will provide services under the supervision of their physician colleagues, and they will complement our existing staff, strengthening our teams and supporting services across the Island. I recently attended the annual national Canadian Association of Physician Assistants conference, and the stories I heard about the high-quality care PAs are offering across Canada in a variety of settings were truly inspiring. We are excited to welcome our first hires to Health PEI.”
-    Dr. Kathy McNally, Chief Medical Officer, Health PEI

“Some physicians have already expressed interest in working with physician assistants and will help define their role on healthcare teams and how they can support providing high-quality care to Islanders. We are looking forward to the implementation and evaluation of this role in PEI—we see this as a win-win situation for healthcare teams across the province.”

-    Dr. Krista Cassell, President, Medical Society of Prince Edward


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