Province takes ‘action’ to grow film industry 

Minister Palmer, Emma Fugate (FilmPEI), Adam Perry (filmmaker), Renee Laprise (FilmPEI), Minister Brown

Prince Edward Island’s independent filmmakers now have more support to help them produce quality content and grow the industry.

The provincial government has launched two new film initiatives – the Film Media Fund and Film 4Ward program. They are funded by $350,000 from the Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

“Government understands the significant impact that film and television makes to Prince Edward Island’s economy and cultural identity,” Economic Development and Tourism Minister Chris Palmer said. “One of the reasons we are the Mighty Island is that even though we are small, we surprise people with what we accomplish – including the volume and quality of film and TV produced here. 

“By providing this steady and accessible funding,” he said, “we can continue to promote and grow our film industry and show what makes us the Mighty Island.”

The Film Media Fund, led by Innovation PEI, will support the development, growth and sustainability of homegrown, independent film in the private-sector film and television industry. In addition, the Film 4Ward program -- led by FilmPEI -- will support the film and television production sector by offering training opportunities through workshops, job shadowing, hands-on experience with production financing. 

A key item from the provincial government’s Culture Action Plan was to initiate local film initiatives that support independent Island film and filmmakers. The action plan will see over $1.45 million invested to support cultural industries in government’s balanced 2018-2019 operating budget.
“A successful film and television industry benefits all Islanders by bringing investments, well-paying jobs, economic activity in multiple sectors, and ultimately allows us to showcase PEI to the world,” said Emma Fugate, president of the Film PEI board of directors. “The Film Media Fund triggers off-Island investments from broadcasters and federal funders to fund PEI-produced projects - putting us on a more equal footing with the rest of Canada - while Film 4Ward is going to give our emerging talent the opportunity to train with experienced professionals and create short films that can be the catalyst to successful careers."

To learn more about the Film Media Fund visit www.princeedwardisland.ca/FilmFund. To learn more about the Film 4Ward program visit www.filmpei.com

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Hillary MacDonald 


About Film PEI
FilmPEI is a not-for-profit membership-driven organization, originally incorporated as the Island Music Cooperative Association in 1978 and renamed The Island Media Arts Cooperative (IMAC) in 1982. The organization rebranded as FilmPEI in 2018.

About the Film Media Fund
The objectives of the Film Media Fund are to:
•    Build the sustainability and capacity of the domestic PEI film and television production industry 
•    Support the development of PEI creative industries and workers
•    Provide eligible PEI producers with an opportunity to be more competitive in attracting financing and co-production opportunities
•    Provide cultural benefits to Islanders by supporting the creation of PEI content and stories

About the Film 4Ward program

The Film 4Ward Program will provide:

•    workshops for filmmakers (writers, producers and directors) in the areas of script and story editing and budgeting, financing, script breakdown and scheduling;

•    workshops for key crew positions such as lighting, camera, art and production;
•    mentor-style shadow training opportunities for key crew members; and 
•    production funding to complete a short film (four films will be supported per year).

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