Restorative care program helping Islanders regain strength, mobility and independence

Islanders, particularly seniors, are regaining the strength, mobility and confidence needed to return to the community following extended hospital stay with support of the Restorative Care Program at Prince Edward Home.

Restorative Care focuses on rehabilitating patients with the goal of being able to return to their own home or transition to the most independent level of care possible.

“We are very encouraged by the positive outcomes of this excellent program which allows patients to leave the hospital when they are ready,” said Health and Wellness Minister Robert Henderson. “Restorative care is a more appropriate level of care for many patients who no longer require acute care but do need services such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy. With these supports, they recover more quickly and are less likely to be re-admitted to hospital.”

Prince Edward Home has expanded the number of dedicated restorative care beds from four to twelve and grown its interdisciplinary team to include additional physiotherapy and occupational therapy, rehabilitation assistants, resident care workers and a social worker.

When patients begin the program, they go through a nursing and geriatric assessment that informs the patient’s individualized care plan, which also includes a rehabilitation plan designed by physio and occupational therapists. Therapy assistants facilitate the day-to-day rehabilitation and support patients in reaching their goals.

Since the program was expanded in 2013, approximately 350 Islanders have accessed restorative care at Prince Edward Home, staying an average of 30 days. Following their stay 24.7 percent were able to return home with no support; 39.6 percent returned home with some Home Care support; 20 percent were admitted to community care; 14.4 percent required readmission to acute care; and, 1.3 percent was admitted to long-term care or an alternative living arrangement.

“With the support of restorative care staff, more Islanders are able to remain in the homes longer  with renewed confidence and independence, allowing them to experience a better quality of life,” said Andrew MacDougall, Administrator for Prince Edward Home. “This program is an important complement to our acute and long-term care services, and is a perfect example of how delivering the right care in the right place can have a positive impact on a patient.”

Fewer patients are requiring re-admission to hospital following a stay in restorative care with approximately 48 percent requiring no admission; 22 percent being readmitted after 91 days or more; 3.7 percent were admitted with 61 to 90 days; 6 percent were admitted within 31 to 60 days; 2.3 percent within 15 to 30 days; and, 3.7 percent within two to 14 days.

The Restorative Care Program at Prince Edward Home is a collaborative partnership between long-term care, home care and acute care.

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