Safe Grad is a night they'll remember

Students at Morell Regional High School are gearing up for Safe Grade, a 12-hour chem-free party where they will get to celebrate in style - and remember every minute of it.

“We go to such a small school, you really get to know everybody,” said grade 12 student Breanna MacAdam. “This is one of the last times we will all be together before we all go our separate ways.”

The June 19-20 event starts at 5 p.m. with a church service in their grad gowns, then a banquet dinner with parents and teachers, followed by Spike’s Paintball in York. Then the students head to the West Royalty Fitness Centre (The Spa) and back to the high school for a big pancake breakfast at sunrise.

“We are getting pretty excited, abstinence creates a better environment,” MacAdam said.

“So many activities around grad involve drugs and alcohol, people make bad decisions.”

MacAdam’s classmate Daniel Cousins says it’s important to set a good example since younger students look up to the grade 12s.

“We are the leaders of the school, so it’s great to have people to look up to for future years when they’re in Grade 12.”

John Crawford has been principal at Morell Regional High School for more than a dozen years. He’s seen Safe Grad grow each year.

“Safe grad is important because it sends a good message to our students that they can appreciate and celebrate their success,” he said, “but also do it in a way that is fun and safe.”

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