School review to identify better learning opportunities for all students

Public consultations will begin next week in six families of schools to seek public input on how to provide better learning opportunities for all students within those schools.

As part of a review of schools being conducted by the Public Schools Branch, current data on school utilization and demographic trends was presented to the board of directors on September 27, 2016 at a public meeting in Summerside. 

Following the presentation, the board asked that a more in-depth study be undertaken in six families of schools: Charlottetown Rural, Morell, Colonel Gray, Kinkora, Westisle, and Montague families of schools.

The board of directors is responsible to regularly review the organization of schools and consult with the public to ensure that students have the best possible conditions for learning and that resources are being used effectively.

The District Advisory Councils in the six families of schools that will be part of more in-depth studies will be consulted on the development of consultation plans for their family of schools. During the consultations they will identify viable options to improve learning by addressing the distribution of students and resources within their family of schools.

Information on consultations with families of schools and the wider public will be shared as soon as it is available.

Data will be presented to principals and the District Advisory Councils representing the six families of schools at their regularly scheduled meetings on:

• Monday, October 3 - Charlottetown Rural Family at Stratford Elementary

• Tuesday, October 4 - Morell/Souris Family at Morell Consolidated

• Wednesday, October 5 - Colonel Gray Family at Spring Park Elementary

• Thursday, October 6 - Kensington/Kinkora Family at Queen Elizabeth Elementary

• Tuesday, October 11 - Westisle Family at Hernewood Intermediate

• Wednesday, October 12 - Montague Family at Vernon River Consolidated
Data pertaining to the family of schools not participating in further studies will still be shared with their respective District Advisory Councils for information purposes:

• Thursday, October 13 - Bluefield Family at East Wiltshire

• Thursday, October 20 - Three Oaks Family at Summerside Intermediate

Public Schools Branch School policy outlines a five-step process to make change in a school: Data collection and board direction; Public consultations to identify viable options; Board recommendations; 60 days of public input on the recommendations; Final decisions.

Find details on school enrollments and utilization for each family of schools on the Better Learning for All website.

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