Statement by Premier Dennis King on Acadian Remembrance Day

Hon. Dennis King, Premier of Prince Edward Island issued the following statement on Acadian Remembrance Day:  

“Today marks a solemn day for the Acadian and Francophone community as we commemorate those who lost their lives and those who were displaced during the Deportation of 1758, a sad and tragic event in our history.

Villages were emptied, property was seized, families were uprooted. People were forcibly placed on boats to be sent away from the only land some of them had ever known. Over half drowned at sea when boats capsized during storms or died of disease on those same ships. Others fled on foot in hopes of finding a better future on the mainland only to scatter and shelter as best they could.

We share these stories to remember but we also share these stories to continue learning from mistakes of the past and to continue ensuring a better future.

Today, we also take a moment to highlight the resilience of the Acadian legacy on PEI which goes beyond last names and well-known symbols. There is a vibrant, thriving and diverse Acadian and Francophone community here on the Island which can be found from Souris to Tignish and points in between. 

We are proud of this Acadian heritage and the province will continue to support the community as the next chapters of its rich story are written, ensuring its resiliency and diversity.”

For more information on the Deportation of Island Acadians, visit: The Deportation of the Acadians from Ile St.-Jean, 1758

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